Never Before Seen

Never Before Seen is an anime episode of Durarara!! that was released on 03/11/2010

Never Before Seen Episode 10

Never Before Seen  (空前絶後)  Kūzenzetsugo

Mikado continues to hide the mysterious girl at her apartment as he tries to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Masaomi comes up with a list of likely candidates for the mysterious gang known as the Dollars and asks Mikado to help him investigate. Things end up getting stranger as Izaya and Celty turn to Mikado for his help in finding this mysterious girl who has Celty's head. 

Plot Summary

Opening Theme 
Uragiri no Yūyake (裏切りの夕焼け Sunset of Betrayal") by Theatre Brook 
Mikado watches the mysterious girl sleep as he recalls how this all happened. He was on his way home from the store when someone ran into him. When he saw who it was and Celty turning the corner, the girl begged for help, which he did so accordingly. He took her back to his home where he tried to console her, but she refused to go to the police or explain what happened to her. Mikado calls Masaomi to tell him what happened as he wonders if this is the kind of life he was hoping to have in Ikebukuro. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds the girl still asleep as he heads to school, hoping to come up with a solution to this problem.  
 Izaya and Celty need to talk to Mikado about the girl
 Izaya and Celty need to talk to Mikado about the girl
At school, Masaomi and some of the other boys goad Mikado on about the mystery girl at his apartment but soon stop when he proves to be no fun. Masaomi then presents a list with student's names on in. He explains that this list is a betting pool of everyone suspected of being in the Dollars. Mikado shakes it off but notices how one student, Ryo Takiguchi, has only received one vote. Masaomi claims he voted for Ryo, thinking that its always the least likely person you would suspect to be in a gang. The two track him down as they ask him, which he promptly replies that he is in fact in the Dollars. Much like other people who joined the Dollars, he received an anonymous text message asking if he wanted in and did so. Ryo notes how much he likes the lack of rules and leadership in the gang compared to other color gangs. Mikado and Masaomi promise to keep it a secret.  
Mikado and Anri begin to head home since Masaomi had to stay behind for some meeting. Anri makes a few jokes about Mikado and stalking him, which causes his imagination to come up with bizarre ideas. Anri jokes with him, saying she was kidding as the two encounter a ganguro bully who was harassing Anri and the Dollar member that Izaya and Shizuo attacked. The two claim they want revenge on Mikado but Celty comes by and knocks out the thug while Izaya threatens the girl, who runs away quickly after she recognizes Izaya. Mikado thanks the two as they state they want a word with him. He figures they want to talk to him about the red haired girl and tries to get home without saying anything.
Mikado tries to walk home but Celty and Izaya are right behind him, Izaya making vroom noises to scare him. Mikado agrees to listen to what they have to say but do so in an abandoned tunnel. Celty tells Mikado everything about her and the reason she needs to find the girl with the scars around her neck. Mikado seems to understand as he asks one thing in return: to see what's under Celty's helmet. She agrees to this as she shows him she has no head, something Mikado feels excited about knowing. He promises to help them but he has to talk with the girl first so that she won't run off again. Elsewhere in town, Kadota and his gang are hanging out outside of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals when a van pulls out and launches a pebble at Saburo's van, placing a small dent in it as he chases the van for what it did.  
 Mikado tells the two about his plan to find the girl
 Mikado tells the two about his plan to find the girl
At Mikado's apartment, he goes upstairs to talk to the girl but finds her gone. Instead, he gets jumped by two men and pinned to the ground. They demand to know where the girl is as he tells them nothing. Celty and Izaya wait outside as they notice a cleaning van across the street and remember a similar van pursuing the girl the other day. The men threaten to kidnap Mikado but Izaya breaks down the door as the two escape. Celty wonders what that was all about as Mikado briefs them on the situation. With the girl gone and Yagiri Pharmaceuticals looking for her, they will need all the help they can get. An idea hits him as he goes to his computer and then heads to the Dollars website. Mikado reveals that he is also a member of the Dollars and he has a plan to get Celty to the girl.  
Ending Theme 
Trust Me by Yuya Matsushita

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Takahiro Omori Director
Takahiro Kishida Character Artist/Designer Animator who has done work on various animes throughout the years.
Ryohgo Narita Original Concept Creator of Baccano! and Durarara!!
Akira Ito Art Director
Makoto Yoshimori Music
Akira Takata Animation Director


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