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Ash Roller

A Brain Burst player who fights using his motorcycle and is a member of Great Wall. Ash was Haruyuki's first opponent but later assisted him by letting him meet his parent Sky Raker.

Blood Leopard

The vice-commander of Prominence who works as a waitress at a cake shop.

Cherry Rook

A member of Prominece who is a very close friend of Yuniko, becoming her "parent" after learning how much she loves video games. He was later given the Disaster Armor Enhanced Armament by Yellow Radio in order to increase his level and catch up with Yuniko.

Chiyuri Kurashima

Haru and Takumu's childhood friend who becomes invoved in the world of Brain Burst. Although she is dating Takumu, she also cares a lot for Haru.

Crimson Kingbolt

A former member of the Purple Legion who is friends with Black Lotus. He used to live in Tokyo but moved to Okinawa three years before the series start and gives Ruka Asato the brain burst program who later gives it to Mana Itosu becoming their master.

Fuuko Kurasaki

A member of Nega Nebulus who was originally known as "the person closest to the sky" in the Accelerated World before Silver Crow. She is the parent of Ash Roller and helped Haruyuki learn how to acess the Incarnate System.

Haruyuki Arita

The main protagonist of Accel World who becomes involved in the VRMMO game called Brain Burst. His avatar is Silver Crow the first and only avatar with the ability to fly.

Himi Akira

A Level 1 Burst Linker who assists low level players in obtaining more points.


The Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School whose Brain Burst Avatar is Black Lotus. She chooses Haru to be her subordinate in her goal to reach level 10.

Mana Itosu

A Burst Linker from Okinawa who is friends with Ruka Asato. She and Ruka are part of Crimson Kingbolt's group.

Megumi Wakamiya

Kuroyukihime's only true friend who is the secretary of the student council. She also a former Burst Linker but lost the program along with her memories of the Accelerated World.

Ruka Asato

A Burst Linker from Okinawa who is friends with Mana Itosu. She and Mana are part of Crimson Kingbolts group.

Seiji Noumi

A first year student at Umesato Junior High School, who is a Burst Linker and member of the Kendo Club who abuses the Physical Burst command to cheat. His Brain Burst avatar is Dusk Taker and has the ability to take anyone's finishing move, reinforced exterior, or ability from others.

Takumu Mayuzumi

Haru's childhood friend and Chiyuri's boyfriend, his Brain Burst Avatar is Cyan Pile. He tried to assassinate Kuroyukihime while she was hospitalized but was defeated by Haru. Since his defeat he has joined Nega Nebulus.

Yuniko KĊzuki

The current Red King and leader of Prominence. She seeks the assistance on Nega Nebulus in defeating the fifth Chrome Disaster.

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