Netorare is a anime/manga concept
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An sub-genre of hentai and some non-hentai anime/manga that is meant to provoke the audience by displaying scenarios of infidelity among couples.


Netorare is the concept of seeing your loved one taken away or violated by someone else. It's like a form of jealousy with some regrets. She or he is no longer the sweet, innocent person you loved. Instead, she or he is a sexually depraved beast. This includes family, too like mothers, sisters, fathers, and more.


These manga and anime are prime examples of netorare. Beware of spoilers.

  • Ai Shimai (Immoral Sisters) by Pink Pineapple -
  • Cross and Crime by Hatsuki Kyo - It's about two guys and one girl, Norikazu (newspaper writer), Keito (famous singer), and Yuuka (Norikazu's girlfriend). The netorare part comes in when Keito distracts Norikazu a bit while his band members rape Yuuka. Keito and Yuuka did not tell Norikazu about the incident which leads to trouble.
  • Excel Saga - In an early episode (The Woman From Mars), Pedro discovers his wife with another man as he gets along with his family and the moment gets even heavier when an later episode confirms that Pedro's wife turns out to be pregnant with the other man's child.
  • Obscene face of her whom I do not know (I Will Protect You) by Negare Ippon - A hentai manga about Miyabi who gets raped multiple times in order to protect Takeru whose family reputation is on the line. Miyabi and Takeru are childhood friends, and Miyabi goes to school with Takeru at an all boys school. Despite the dangers of being discovered, Miyabi protects Takeru from bullies. However, the bullies discover Miyabi is a girl and black mail her. She gets raped by the bullies and the school's principal in order to keep them from expelling Takeru. One day, the rapists grabs the Takeru and shows him the ugly truth. He watches Miyabe, the girl he loves, get violated and how sexually depraved she becomes during the grotesque gang bang.
  • Kabe no mukougawa by Sekiya Asame - The protagonist hears his beloved sister and a guy doing unspeakable things through their thin walls. He gets devastated.
  • Ore wa Kanojo o Shinijiteru (OVA) by Lune Team Bitters - Ayumu Momose (the main female protagonist) has a boyfriend who has to leave her for a month due to a job. A club president (Sannomiya) she knows tries to get her to cheat off her boyfriend by having her to become his sex friend. He uses tactics to confuse Ayumo and tricks her such as tricking her into thinking her boyfriend has sex friends, too.
  • Otona ni naritai by Ueda Yuu - The protagonist, Satoshi, finds out his step sister, Satoko, and another guy kissing.
  • School Days - ...
  • Taimanin Asagi- (Episode 1) Lead character Asagi Igawa is forced to watch her boyfriend Kyosuke be violated and taken away from her. This act was done by Asagi's nemesis Oboro.
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