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Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime series in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise
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Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hailed as a deconstruction of the mecha genre, and having deep things to say about the human condition.

But EVA is neither of those. It's a sloppily written somewhat pretentious work that has good ambitions from the beginning but then decides to give it's audience the middle finger when they ask for plot and adequate character development.

As a deconstruction it fails, and that's only because the people who call it one clearly have no idea what the word actually means. A deconstruction is a work that takes established conventions and tries to apply them realistically, for better or for worse.

EVA does none of that. The giant robots are giant unconscious biological creatures controlled by giant pills implanted into their brains and control "ego barriers". The cast are completely original characters, not established archetypes. It brings new ideas to the table inside of an old genre, which is the complete opposite of a deconstruction.

A true deconstruction of the mecha genre goes to the real robot genre, that stripped the more fantastic concepts of the genre and aimed to replace them with a gritty realism to the technology used.  Please learn what words mean before you use them.

EVA, "deep"? Don't make me laugh. The only people who can call the self debunking and contradictory dialogue they save for the silly moments of the series "deep" are stupid teenagers and pseudo intellectuals who think philosophy is nothing more than illogical banter and circlejerk speeches, and nod their heads just to look smart, (at least that's what they hope people will think).

I can't call those faults of the series, because the series never pretends to be any of those. That silliness comes from the fandom.

With that out of the way, instead of genuine character development subtly over the course of the show, they instead choose to throw it into our lap at the last second as an afterthought, leaving only fractions of vague breadcrumbs before then. Because it was SO important to have nothing other than giant robot fights until then.

It's a serious shame, too. Because all said and done, the main cast turns out to be just as interesting as I had hoped they would be. I loved how they all turn out to all have the same motivation, but express it in completely different ways. But slogging through 25 episodes of very little information to finally get it thrown into our laps in one fell swoop is a serious problem.

The concepts get the worst treatment, however. It's never explained what is actually happening within the bigger picture. The "angels" are in reality nothing more than nameless giant monsters the characters are supposed to fight. They are never given an actual explanation, and anything the audience speculates gets contradicted. Nothing is adequately explained. Everything is handwaved whenever it's convenient to do it.

EVA is a series with decent concepts, good robot designs, and genuinely interesting characters that you want to learn more about. But instead of actually developing them over the course of the story we get nothing more than a dragging monster of the week plot and a complete non ending where nothing is accomplished, and writing so sloppy that it realizes at the last second that it failed to develop its characters the way it should have.

And I won't get into the miscarriage that was End of Evangelion. The original series ending, while silly and pretentious, is surreal and ridiculous. End of Evangelion kicks it up a notch into stupid and absurd territory.
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