What the F@#$ Did I Just Watch?! EVANGELION Episode #15

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 You're arguing about the truth behind a piece of fiction whose fans can't even settle on what actually happened and sent death threats to Anno when they didn't like the ending he gave them. He's never going to speak plainly about what in his mind is the 'truth' of the matter.. I wouldn't even be surprised if it's changed over time. Ridley Scott's flip-flopped over whether Deckard was a Replicant or not. People are more than welcome to view the cannon of Evangelion as ending at the end of episode 26 as it aired on television. I would use (as I think I did in a much earlier wtf eva post) the analogy of the Star Wars Special Editions - it doesn't matter that George Lucas had in his head something more grand than his budget allowed - the movies are what they are. The difference here being good ol' George happily will tell you that the Special Editions are what he really had envisioned when he came up with the story. Some fans think he's wrong :)
If you can show where Anno has plainly said that EoE is the one true cannon for what happened following Episode 23, then wonderful. However I have yet to find that quote. Otherwise, it's fair game how you wish to interpret it. Perhaps the Shinji Ikari Raising Project that was briefly seen in the final episodes was the true world and all the events of the TV series as we know it was just a fever dream (see snowglobe ending for Eva 4.0). Perhaps now that Gainax is making the Rebuild series that's the true series since Anno's had lots of time and money to think about it and if an event doesn't occur in there, it never happened period.

In the post regarding the sexed-up Rei figure you decried it as a cash-grab. Yet was what the End of Evangelion other than a means by which to get more money from their fans by giving them a (somewhat) more traditional end to the show they enjoyed that ended otherwise so cryptically.? (I don't really believe this, I'm more in the EoE is the external and 25-26 is the internal camp).
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