What the F@#$ Did I Just Watch?! EVANGELION Episode #12

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Ah… another episode, another layer peeled back from the Misato onion. This time, we learn her tragic origin and the source of that sexy scar on her chest. Greater significance is given to the cross she wears (and I don’t think its inclusion is as arbitrary as some people have told me the rest of the religious symbolism in Eva is).  If the Gainax guys are really saying that they picked all this imagery to reference simply because they “looked cool”, then I’m going to have call baloney, because they’d have to be pretty thick not to recognize the significance of the iconography they’re evoking. The angels, for instance. Even if you grant that the name choice is arbitrary, I seriously doubt it's a coincidence that their designs have steadily evolved from the more manga-esque look of the first angel (or was it third? I’m counting by appearance) to the blatant Masonic look of this one. Seriously, take out an American dollar bill and compare the “All seeing eye” to this week’s monster, and you’ll have a hard time arguing with me. This episode also starts suggesting, through the pondering of Shinji’s father, that the Second Impact caused another Great Flood of Biblical scope. I don’t know where Gainax is going with this, but I'm sure it's all tying together.

There was an odd… fatalistic tone to this episode, as well. It’s as if the characters are listless bystanders being pushed along into action by an overarching destiny they don’t quite comprehend. Misato doesn’t seem especially enthused about her promotion, for one. Shinji and Asuka state their recognition of the suicidal nature of this mission, but they go ahead with it anyway. The whole suggestion of the steak dinner reward seems like something they’re suggesting simply because they feel like that’s what they’re supposed to do.  In other words, the rest of the cast is acting like Rei, here.  Also, I haven’t sensed this current of doom underscoring the heroics since the earlier episodes. It’s like a cavalry charge set to a somber funeral dirge, and that's really what sets Eva apart.

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Good old "anything for a steak" XD
I find the judeo-christian symbolism to be an integral part of Eva, especially in regards to the Sephirot, and Misato's cross (you'll see more of both in EoE)
We get to see Rei having a genuine concern for shinji in the way she tells unit-2 to deploy it's AT field, and of course Asuka replays that she is, (showing her own concern for shinji) The interactions of the pilots in this episode seem to suggest that there are becoming closer, or at least functioning somewhat normally, o how it won't last.
The three pilots here are definitely coming into there own with with this episode, all three of them ready to face certain death, and shinji didn't even run away this time! Also always great to learn more of Misato, and see how her past may affect her decision making at NERV.
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For Gainax, Judeo-Christian symbolism looked cool, but they used it with a purpose anyway. The eyes are a stronger symbolism in there (SEELE's logo, Rei's lack of eye contact, some of the Angels).
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I can't wait to see what you think about some of the late teen and early 20s episodes.
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@constanzadellarosa: your right in fact the seven eyed mask lilth wears (seeles logo) is a symbol representing the "seven eyes of Yaweh" which is a mystic jewish symbol.
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@sickVisionz said:
" I can't wait to see what you think about some of the late teen and early 20s episodes. "
I am totally in the same boat but I feel like we're just hyping up the twist the series takes near the end so much that it's bound to disappoint.
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No, the religious references are absolutely meaningless.
No, wait, seriously, think on that:  the creator said "we grabbed some images at random"....and you want to insist that they did based on...the fact that they're in it in the first place?
No, the space amoeba angel does not look like the Masonic eye pyramid.
Oh, *Misato* is meant to be "a Christian" of some kind, but the writers didn't really know what that meant so her faith isn't explored in depth.
Furthermore, even Misato has no idea why the Angels are coming or why they're called that.
The religious names are in it because Seele are a crazy religious cult and call things that.
I"m sorry to be so strong on this, but ask:   your rationale for thinking it must seem something....is that "its used prominently" even though the creators have said "Yes we know its used prominently, but it didn't really mean anything"
and if it DID mean something, what would that "something" it was building toward...be?
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