The Top 50 Must-See Anime List

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I hate lists like this, most of the time they don't may any sense. The Animatrix seriously!? it was OK but definitely not top 50 material.
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Lol why is Vexille on this list. I'll give that it looked good but the soundtrack (while having some good techno [all the time]) is terrible because it feels like somebody with schizophrenia mixed it while at a rave, with how it is constantly changing or cutting or suddenly increasing for five seconds before going away even when nothing is happening so it makes no sense ever. The story is just a mashup of a bunch of classic sci-fi and anime tropes complete with pointless references to stuff like Dune and Mad Max. The graphical style was really neat and had a cool look to it but the rest is just basically a nonsensical made for Sci-Fi/Sy-Fy movie.  
Don't be fooled by how the main guys behind Appleseed made this film since it's obvious by watching it that they are terrible at coming up with an original property. (Appleseed was an adaptation of the manga) 
The other picks I don't have a problem with being on the list (I would probably pick some others and I haven't seen all of those) but Vexille is only really special for it's graphical style. It's good for some laughs to see just how terrible a film can go when the creative process for the story was created after everyone rented (or read) a bunch of classic sci-fi and thought "Dude wouldn't it be awesome to put this all together but let's add in robots, a soundtrack which is completely nuts and makes no sense with the intensity of the events or pace of the film and have the actual bad guy come in the 11th hour! Oh and have it drag for a while after 20 minutes in and than suddenly wrap up pretty much everything in the last 30."

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While the list is mostly good, they virtually ignored the last decade or so and anything directed at females.   And Read or Die?  Seriously?  I liked it, but it's nowhere near must-see.  This is more a list of classic anime aimed at men/boys that's not to be missed.  It's something I'd show to guys into American comics.
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The End of Evangelion is most definitely not a spin-off, it's the conclusion of the story. 
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This is just what I was looking for! 
I've been trying to watch really good non-Ghibli anime movies recently. This will help!
Anyone think they missed one?
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EoE is obviously not a spin off, it is intended to compliment and/or replace the final episodes of the series.
That list was not imo that good, as far as anime and manga titles i would say:
3)Gundam Wing
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I feel accomplished with 20, but I wouldn't call some of those 20 must-see, especially if you didn't see the original series of evangelion.
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hahaha....really.. they listed  legend of the overfiend...thats great. i was pretty happy to see angel egg on there tho.
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Of the movies on that list, I've seen 36 of them. But like some people, I'm curious over how some of them made the list considering they aren't exactly the best movies anime has to offer.
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I'm not sure what the criteria for this list is supposed to be. It looks like they just listed every anime feature to come out in the last decade or so and when they ran out of those, they started throwing in OAVs to fill in the blanks. I'm surprised Karas didn't make it in.
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@constanzadellarosa said:
" Watch Totoro and its infinite tenderness. "
I've a Totoro Cosplay in progress...
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