The Goofiest EVANGELION Merchandise You Can Imagine

Topic started by No_name_here on May 29, 2012. Last post by zaldar 2 years, 10 months ago.
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Once again, I find it terribly amusing that a series so infamously defined by its violent, nihilistic existentialism continues to be the source of such a plethora of merch.

Surely, you haven’t forgotten the earlier reports of an EVANGELION 3.0 smartphone and its tie-ins to a busy Japanese airport? Well, as it would naturally follow, AVN says that the store devoted to all things EVA in Tokyo just recently announced that they’ll be putting the gnostic, mecha Apocalypse's stamp on all sorts of products starting in June.

The wares include…

  • A (mildly-slashfic) Shinji and Kaworu towel
  • (Mildly-slashfic) Shinji and Kaiji cases for PSP and iPhone
  • “Assorted” Shinji-related merchandise

…and all with the reassuring presence of a six-foot-tall EVA Unit 01 statue.

And the corporate synergy doesn’t stop there, oh no. Pacific League Baseball also offering a t-shirt juxtaposes those two lovely ladies, Asuka and Rei, with the logos of six of their teams.

It doesn’t sound so far off from all those T’s with Taz wearing a Raiders jersey, and the sight of a springy EVA unit running to catch a baseball isn’t actually too hard to picture… but still… this is a series centered on emotionally-damaged head-cases. This sort of happy-go-go cross-promotion for it is hilarious.

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Would anyone else call the baseball one mildly-femslashy or is that my inner yuri fan talking?

Post by zaldar (1,366 posts) See mini bio Level 15

yeah...I am not sure I would call the show nihilistic at least the end of the series is not...but yeah EVERY one in the show is a headcase...that is kind of the point. So yes this is hella odd...but then this is japan where you can take your fictional digital girlfriend on a real date so...pretty much anything they do has stopped shocking me at this point...

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Evangelion still is to this day the king of product inspired merch :P

Post by FoxxFireArt (2,654 posts) See mini bio Level 25
ONE PIECE actually holds that title. People who I've known who go to Japan say they are shocked how much ONE PIECE merchandise you see in every store. In fact, a mall in Japan is opening a store dedicated to all OP stuff.
Even the creator of the series was shocked by it's popularity. He's even called the cast messed up.
Post by zaldar (1,366 posts) See mini bio Level 15

@FoxxFireArt: Oh yes they were supposed to be by design goes to the theme of the show.

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