SAMURAI WARRIORS #1 -- Special Review

Topic started by No_name_here on June 11, 2010. Last post by Count_Zero 4 years, 7 months ago.
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Absolutely not. No way, not ever. This would be even worse than DB evolution. (Live action Eva that is)
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I don't think anime translates well into live action movies because anime has a very distinctive style in art and story telling. Though I do think certain anime series that could do alright if done in live action as long as the source material is fairly realistic, but I'm not too certain since I haven't seen any Live Action Anime myself. Maybe it's just a Hit or Miss?
Look at comic book movies, they do pretty well.
But even they have to change certain thing and completely cut other things out.
I look at the Iron Man movies, they were made a setting that was realistic and believable.
Though I believe it also as a lot do with the people behind the scenes working on the scripts, story, designs, etc... that made movies like Iron Man Batman so good. Also good actors and actresses help. ^^
Who knows, maybe with the right people behind it and on the screen, a Live Action Anime could be good?
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That fan made poster you have up here isn't to shaby, but I still think a LIVE-ACTION EVA is one of the WORST ideas out there! 
Anyone remember the Live action Fist of the North Star? :/
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It honestly depends on the series. Not all anime series are good fits for live action. However, not all anime series wouldn't work in live action - if that makes any sense.  Naturally, all of the ones that would work in live action would require a good director. 
Gunsmith Cats would be make an excellent live-action film. The series it's based on is very much a homage to American crime thrillers and action films. A film that kept that in mind and was reverent to the material the manga series was paying tribute to, while also being respectful of the manga could do well. 
Similarly, a sports anime, whether boxing (Hajime No Ippo), or Baseball (Princess Nine) could be adapted well to live action and do well in the states - if only because sports films tend to do well with mainstream audiences in the US, even though sports anime don't do well with anime fans in the US. 
As far as science fiction anime goes, while I don't think super robot anime could do well quite yet in the US, I think Real Robot anime could - in particular I'm thinking of Gundam and Patlabor. Patlabor is, in many ways, a mix of Barney Miller and Hill Street Blues with cops who drive Giant Robots instead of police cars. 
Gundam, particularly in its Universal Century incarnation, and at it's best, is ultimately a war series that happens to have giant robots in it. If it was adapted properly, a live-action Gundam would be a war movie of the kind that western audiences would be familiar with, but with the soldiers piloting giant robots. The beam-sabers for the Gundams would probably need to be re-designed though, probably to look more like combat knives, or at their biggest like a Roman soldier's gladius, over the more long sword styled weapons from the Gundam series proper. 
I suppose Votoms could also work for these reasons, but I don't have enough familiarity with Votoms to say for certain.
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