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Why are angels called angels?
It was decided at some vatican conference that each country can only have a maximum of 3 Evas,
What this told me is that vatican doesnt think that the angels are from God,so why are they called angels.
theories,clues,extra information?
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question 1
look at how adam look, the angel in this case is not the pretty pretty things you see in common media, but the really old testament version, were angels look exactly like adam, light giant thing
question 2
see EoE and what happen if a country has more than three, Angels were the most common name, Vatican decided to just wing it
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maybe theyre hells angels, i know according to jewish folklore lillith was evil and supposedly was there before eve,,in a lot of renaissance painting of the garden of eden the serpent is half woman half snake,my memory is bad but i think thats lilith and lilith is in the basement of tokyo 3.
So maybe the bad angels want to revive lilith,that would also explain the vaticans stance.
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