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    Starship Troopers the book was published in 1959.  The Tetsujin 28 manga started its run in 1956.
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    Wow, that a lot of Vice pit video

    No, sam make me sad :(

    Anyway, I think a Gundam make over he would be pretty cool (with the right people making it) or a Gurren Lagann would be funny

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    Reguarding Starship troopers.Friend an i went to see the 1st movie back in the day.He had read the books .i had not. He thought it was ok but books were not really on the screen at all.His discription of the books sounded way better than the movie by far.

    Thanks for usen my topic by the way .I would put forth a few movies that could just be straight atory adaptions not much needs changed to be a anime or manga even.Two that spring to mind right off are...


    Both fit in that it wouldnt take much catagory to fit right in.After rewatching Riding Bean i belive a anime version of would work .

    Also whats a mech an whats not.Our old pen an paper role playing group used to play pladium version of Robotech an we would discuss things like this .Our settled hard an fast rule was if its 1.75 times bigger than a human it can be considered a mech any thing less falls into powered exo skeleton an power armor.Which was dubed the 10ft rule .Really we used 10 an 1/2 .

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    @Destinyheroknight: I'll be back soon once I'm done with my SECRET PROJECT

    Post by Marshal Victory (2,963 posts) See mini bio Level 14

    @samweller999: Err if ya tell its not a secret.. just saying.Also hope ya an Tom do a review on

    when it hits.Least from a Anime fan perspective.

    Post by Destinyheroknight (10,512 posts) See mini bio Level 21


    It not very secret if you show me a picture LOL!

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