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One of the things I’ve enjoyed about Evangelion as I’ve been watching it is that Eva kids have to defeat each angel on a different plane. Sometimes it’s good ol’fashioned fisticuffs, sometimes it’s matter of getting some cold matter into a volcano, sometimes it’s even about typing faster than a computer virus. I haven’t finished watching the series, so there are still a few more angels to go, from my perspective, but I’d be absolutely tickled if Shinji and his pals ever had to defeat an angel through a Nascar race.  

I bring that up because is Japanese Super GT300 Toyota Cororlla Axio team is thinking along a similar, if not identical, wavelength. They’re hoping to drum up sponsorship from NGE's wide fanbase by giving their car an EVA 001 makeover. Look to the right and you might recognize that purple and green color scheme from a certain series about bio-mechanoid mecha and their emotionally-disturbed teenage pilots. The picture comes from Jalopink and they’ve got more information about how, if you so choose to, you can help these good ol’ boys from Japan successfully combine their love of fast cars and twisted mecha through your sponsorship.

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Awesome paintjob. I love itasha cars and Japanese cars in general.
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I don't think painting up the car to look like Takumi's AE86 would quite have the same effect. :P
Though Initial D fans would probably have a better likelihood of being into real-world racing.
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oh ya, shinji would so be afraid to drive that thing
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Shinji may not be able to pilot it (due to age and wussiness) but I guess Misato would.
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It's NASCAR not Nascar, just so you know. NASCAR has one of the biggest spectator sports in the US and has some of the most loyal fans. However, NASCAR would not find itself with this type of sponsored car. I think the idea is cool for Japan and would be a great marketing ploy for many companies and anime.

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NASCAR has had a car sponsored by Gamestop though (Joey Logano). It's been used to advertise CoD: World At War, God of War III and others. If we were still in the anime boom I don't think it'd be too much of a stretch to see something like this happen. Then again, I don't know what the demographics for anime were like in NASCAR country in general at their peak.
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It would sort of give new meaning to that old TV show, My Mother the Car.
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Here are a few of the Gamestop cars that Joey Logano has raced so far: 
(From Left to Right: MarioKart Wii car, BioShock 2 car, GOW III car, EA Skate 3 car, and The Legend of Zork Online Special car)

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