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As you pointed out Sam, Evangelion is a commentary on the mech genre. That's why I feel like these Rebuild films are a commentary of Evangelion itself, and moreover on its ironic legacy in the medium of anime. So the clone, or is it, Shinji represents the Rebuilds. Sure they look the same, but are different beasts entirely. Now everyone in the movie is super upset with Shinji, and why is that? Because of the "curse of Eva." Not only is it the reason why Auska can't age past 14, it's the reason why the mech genre hasn't progressed since Neon Genesis first aired. While it is not explained in the movie, if you place it in the context that NGE happened 14-ish years ago (when 3.0 was released in Japan) the mosaic starts to make sense.

New fans are Kaworu, they love Shinji implicitly, although they don't understand "why?" Telling then the line from Kaworu, "If you don't like it, repeat it until you do." The message of the series flew over many fans heads', leading to the infamous death threats that made it into End of Eva. These fans may not even like Evangelion, but through repeated viewings/ fan fiction/ merchandising, they have grown to capital L-O-V-E the franchise. Now, however, the are paralyzed when the Rebuilds are different from their fond memories. They wish to leave the Lances were the lie, or are speared, so to speak. And that's why Anno took great joy in making their collective head's explode.

One could even make the argument that another portion of the fan base is represented as Mari. They're mean, lazy, and largely irrelevant to the greater narrative. Misato represents one half of Anno, the creative and embittered half that he's still making stories about the same group of characters. Gendo is thus Anno's cold, elaborate plan to tare down the series' walls once more. Even Seele is nothing more than a sullen cry from Anno. "We only wanted to make humanity in our own image," just as he wanted to make-over anime in his. Much to his own demise, he succeeded.

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Asuka has an eye patch!!, I'm sold!!
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