Beginner's Guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion

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@ReVolutionOfEvangelion: I think he wanted those to be left as a mystery for the viewers; you may already have a large amount of working theories that explain them in a way you understand, but maybe he wants those seeing it for the first time to get their own ideas? But I'll give you the 17-18 Angels thing. He might have gotten it from the Rebuild series.
In addition to, I'd like to suggest for fans wanting more in addition. The forums are an awesome way to debate theories and ideas, with new ones being thought of every day. Nothing is as set in stone as everyone thinks, and it's cool to see old ideas and thoughts completely get revamped when new information is found. 
Check out their wiki for some awesome lost stuff, such as a few propositions for alternate endings to the series (werewolves. yes, werewolves), and info on some interesting extracannonical data.
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Thanks for this guide! As someone new to EVA I really appreciate it. 
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Evageeks? You mean the Britannians? Those are the guys we're revolting against.  I haven't seen real debate or discussion happening amongst those guys in the past 5 years.  If you're annoyed that animevice gave a mention...where were you when Mr. Pinchuk here was having an episode by episode discussion of the entire series for the past few MONTHS?  I was here.
...No.   Anno wanted us to be able to figure things out without walking us through it by the hand.
You're "explanation" is "there is no explanation, its literally an ink blot test, with any meaning we choose to impose"?
Why should I give pause and wild theorizations based on the principle that "its my theory and it means something to ME!!!" ....and then consider them "useful theories"?  Are you trying to "explain the show"...or play a warped game of mad libs?  Coming up with the explanations that are personally the most amusing?
Evangelion is not a complicated show, anyone is capable of fully understanding it, and there are no "mysteries" to decode.  Its just that people sat around "interpreting" it for 15 years when they should have been trying to "explain" it.
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@ReVolutionOfEvangelion: Rev of Eva is a good website, I especially liked the ADV circle diagram. Eva Geeks was better when it was Eva Monkey. 
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@ReVolutionOfEvangelion: What I MEANT was, don't tell people who are watching for the first time all the plot points before they even watch the series!
I suggested EvaGeeks as kind of a joke; you seem to be happy to plug your site wherever and whenever, even down to your usename. I almost made a user named EvaGeeks to make a parody post of yours.
.I do respect your story input, but please don't go and tell people all of it in the blog that's suppoed to INTRODUCE people to the series, not tell them the entire plot!
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First disc of the Platinum collection is on its way from Netflix. Can't wait!
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umm does anyone have any idea where to download or how long the series is? i only have it up to ep.25
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I really dislike ReVolution of EVANGELION... who claim to understand the 'real meaning' or truth or the obvious to them... It seems like instead of educating us in how to be a fan of NGE they just throw crap out featuring 'how we should see NGE'... also no one really cares about how we spell NERV with or without caps!
I honestly just want to enjoy what the GAINAX team have given us... don't ruin it by rubbing in our faces YOUR VIEWS... facts or fan boy hentai fiction...
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I watched them all a while ago. I really can't remember much of it. I remember the first episode pretty well and some bits throughout the series. However I don't think I watch END OF EVANGELION.Is it important I watched this? Because I gotta say I didn't rally think it was that great. The ending I mean. The rest was okay. Some great scenes.
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Great guide if i say so myself.
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