Anyone Seen 2.22? (Spoilers)

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As an avid Eva fan for some time now, I was completely blown away by  Rebuild 2.22. I was skeptical of the idea of a completely new storyline, but after watching the film I can attest to the fact that NGE has hit a new level of anime epicness not seen in years. 
Anyone else-thoughts, questions, theroies, likes, dislikes ect. on the film?
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@hitsusatsu11: good eh?

 at least now we know that this Shinji is SRW Shinji
 at least now we know that this Shinji is SRW Shinji
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I enjoyed i way more than 1.0, which was barely more than a recap episode imo.  Mari is a cool pilot and I liked all of the changes.  It feels a little rushed at times and I don't think I'd understand a lot of the events had I not seen the TV show, but meh, I have seen it so I had a blast.  I can't wait to see patcheye Asuka in battle and who Shinji will beat off on. 
Correct me if I wrong, but there are 2 more movies left and 2.0 ends with events that happen in the middle of End of Evangelion right?
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@sickVisionz: There are, next movie is Q Quickening, and then Final. They may or may not be released together. 
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I for one loved the movie. 
-I loved the visuals, the animation was stunning and even though I generally dislike CGI, here I though it blended well except for a few minor scenes where crowds of people walk by. Characters, fight scenes and backgrounds looked spectacular.  
-Music was very good, the classic Eva music was still there and "Beautiful World" was a nice ending theme. 
-Action was exceptional, there were tons of epic fights that easily surpassed the fights we had previously seen in eva in terms of bad assery, save maybe Asuka vs MP Eva's in EoE. 
-Shinji grew a pair and maned up big time. Instead of whining he actually saved Rei from annihilation, this is the first time I have ever thought of Shinji as bad ass before.  
-Rei is slightly more lively and personable in this movie, her personality is actually more in tune with the Sadamoto manga version of Rei than the NGE series.
-Asuka is basically the same old Asuka (her last name is just a different ship now lol) though she is slightly less crazy, but just as mean. I was surprised that she actually got along well with Misato and even called her to chat before her test run went horribly wrong, a far cry from the "I hate everyone" attitude she had before in the series. 
-The new character Mari was ok, she will never be in the same league as Asuka or Rei though. One thing I hope for the next movie is that Asuka kicks her ass for piloting 02. 
-One of my favorite scenes was the re done elevator scene where Asuka had previously slapped Rei in the series. In this movie Rei epically blocked the slap in DBZ fashion. 
-The ending was amazing, Lilith and Adam were not even needed for 01 to go super ultra God mode, and then after the credits when Kawaru impales 01 with the Lance my jaw literally dropped.  
While I love the series because of how it is presented and the intelligent themes of philosophy and psychology wrapped up in a mecha anime, this new movie was like Anno spent the last ten years sneaking into the dreams of every Eva fan, then directly converting what he found into a movie. I simply cannot wait for the next movie in the series. 
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