Neo-Tokyo Characters

Neo-Tokyo is a anime/manga location
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A god-like figure, who is the result of a series of military experiments.


One of Tetsuo's elite psychic shocktroops, he wears a blindfold and is frequently standing atop ruined buildings and rafters, observing and reporting on the goings-on within the Empire's turf.


An opportunist posing as a fanatical devotee of Tetsuo and Akira who serves him and does his tasks. But secretly desires control of the Great Tokyo Empire.


Kei's aunt who is involved in the resistance. She is a skilled weapons expert.

Colonel Shikishima

The head of the secret government project conducting research on psychic test subjects.

Doctor Onishi

The head scientist of the secret psychic research project who also serves as the Colonel scientific advisor.


One of the member of Tetsuo's shock troops who is a friend of Birdman.

George Yamada

A Japanese-American soldier who is sent into Neo-Tokyo to assassinate Akira and Tetsuo.


The leader of the Clown Gang in the Akira series. After Tetsuo takes over his gang and survives the Destruction of Neo Tokyo he assists Kaneda in the battle against Tetsuo.


One of the members of Kaneda's Gang the Capsules. After the destruction of Neo Tokyo he is seen at Lady Miyako temple. After reuniting with Kei and Kanade he helps in the fight against Tetsuo.

Kaneda Shotaro

The teenage leader of a motorcycle gang in Neo-Tokyo, Kaneda reluctantly finds himself in the middle of a war between the government and a resistance faction.


A character from the Akira series who is Tetsuo's Girlfriend.


Kei is a memeber of the Anti-Goverment Restitance Fighters and love interest of "The Capsules" gang leader Kaneda Shotaro. She appears in the Manga/Anime "Akira".


One of the Three Esper Children who are test subjects for the secret project. Kiyoko is Designated #25 and because of her powers is physically weak and is confined to a bed.

Lady Miyako

The high priestess of a temple in Neo-Tokyo. It is revealed later that she was one of the test subjects for the secret project and was Designated #19.


One of the Three Esper Children who are test subjects for the secret project. Masaru is Designated #27 and is physically confined either to a wheelchair or a special floating chair.


A parliament member who is also the leader of the terrorist resistance movement against the government. He is a corrupt man who desires power and tries to take control of Akira.


A comrade of Kei's in the resistance movement.


A young Psychic that was trained by Lady Miyako. She was sent to retrieve Akira.


One of the Three Esper Children who are test subjects for the secret project. Takashi is Designated #26 and has the power to use psychokinesis.

Tetsuo Shima

Tetsuo Shima is the childhood friend of Kaneda Shotaro. Driven mad by his Telekinetic and Psychokinectic Powers he turns on his good friend and all of humanity.


One of the members of Kaneda's gang, who serves as Kaneda's right-hand-man. He is eventually killed by Tetsuo.

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