Neo-Human Casshern

Neo-Human Casshern is an anime series in the Casshern franchise
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As an artificial human project nears completion, robot BK-1 is activated early by a bolt of lightning that damages its sense of morals. It leads a group of killer robots in the attempted destruction of the world, and its remorseful creator Kotaro Azuma cybernetically augments his son, Tetsuya, to fight them, with his canine companion, Friender, and love interest, Luna, whose passion for the hero is doomed to frustration because he is technically no longer human. In this follow-up to Tatsunoko's successful Battle of the Planets, Te-tsuya's mother is turned into Swanee the electronic swan to deliver messages and increase his angst. Meanwhile, instead of a fiery phoenix warplane, Friender would transform into a variety of vehicles to suit his master's needs.

After the similar stories of Terminator and Robocop reached Japan, a sequel of sorts followed in the video series New Android Casshan (1993), directed by Hiroyuki Fukushima from a screenplay by Fukushima and Noboru Aikawa, with Yasuomi Umezu as designer. The new series, which was the one released in the U.S., picks up the story after "Black King" and his robot army have defeated humanity's main forces. Te-tsuya, still tortured over the loss of humanity no matter how good the cause, is forced to rescue Luna when she is captured by the Black Gang. The story was resurrected as the subject of the film Casshern (2004), in which debut moviemaker Kazuaki Kiriya found a job for his wife, the pop idol Hikaru Utada, but seemed happy with a script that could have been scrawled on the back of a beermat.

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General Information Edit
Name Neo-Human Casshern
Name: 新造人間キャシャーン
Romaji: Jinzo Ningen Casshan
Publisher Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd
Start Year 1973
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Aliases Casshan: Robot hunter
Android Casshan
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