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Negi's Wand is a anime/manga thing
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Negi's Wand is a gift from his father, Nagi Springfield.

Negi's Wand was originally his father's magical wand. His father is Nagi Springfield. better known as the Thousand Master. It is a wooden wand that is covered in cloth bandages. Nagi Springfield used it all throughout his adventures in the Magical World. Not only is it used for magical combat. It also allows the user to fly.
This wand was Negi's primary source for being able to preform magic, though he would often keep a child training wand with him in case of emergencies. The size and the cumbersomeness of wand proved problematic when he was preparing for the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament. His magical trainer, Evangeline McDowell, gave him a Magic Ring that would provide him the ability to perform magic in combat situations more reliably.

Story of the Wand

Nagi for many years was thought to be dead after an incident ten years ago. Nagi's son, Negi Springfield was sent to live with his cousin, Nekane Springfield, in Wales.

That Snowy Day

 Negi grew up happy with his sister and was told of the hero is father is to people. He was four years old and had no real memories of his father or mother. One snowy day, he returned to his village to find it in flames and under attack be numerous demons. Many of the inhabitants of the village had been turned to stone. A group of demons found he young Negi and were ready to kill him when someone appeared to cancel the powerful blow. When Negi finally looked up it was a man he didn't know, carrying a cloth-wrapped staff. This young man was powerful enough to wipe out most of the wave with ease, but more were still around. One was ready to kill Negi again when his cousin arrived to shield Negi, along with one of the village elders, Stan. Both were partially turned to stone. Nekane was struck, but Stan managed to seal the demon.
The young man who had earlier saved Negi had returned. He asked for forgiveness for arriving too late. Negi stood over his cousin, clinging his training wand, to defend his cousin from this stranger. The man then recognized Negi. He patted his head and give him his long-magical wand. As the man floated into the sky and disappeared. he told Negi to grow strong. It was then that Negi recognized this man as his father, Nagi Springfield.
Negi and his cousin were found and she was cured of her petrification.
Negis kept the wand close to him as he grew up. Using it through most of his magical education and to his graduation where he was given the task to become a teacher in Japan. As he went. So did his wand.
General Information Edit
Thing Name Negi's Wand
Japanese Name: ステッキのネギ
Romaji Name: sutekki no negi
1st manga book: Negima! #1
1st anime episode: Negima! #1
1st anime movie: Mahō Sensei Negima: Anime Final
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