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Negima!? is an anime series in the Negima! franchise
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A better show then the last one and that a good thing Reviewed by Destinyheroknight on Feb. 2, 2011. Destinyheroknight has written 4 reviews. His/her last review was for Negima!?. 19 out of 20 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Negima!? is ten times better, then the first anime. It funnier, have better action, animation and a better ending. I like this so much that I completely forgot about the first anime, but it still not as good as the manga. 


  Cool hair
 Cool hair
The animation is way better then the last anime, all the characters designs are right on (the only one who isn't is Asuna). The background is really good, it sometime have different art style making it very unique from other anime. I just love Asuna's hair, it just so crazy. I only have a few problems the animation, first there was almost no background characters in the academy. It feel like the girls and Negi was the only once that go to class. Second was some of the joke pop up to fast, it really hard to read it. Third is the girl's transformation scenes, it just take to long for my taste


The story is way different then the manga, the only connection to the manga is the characters designs. The first scene we get is
  R.I.P Chachazero
 R.I.P Chachazero
Nagi and Eva fighting, and also Negi and Anya graduating. They make the two scenes fit well, by cutting between the two (The only problem I have was, Chachazero being kill). The rest of the plot is about the darkness and the black rose baron, I like this plot. The story is 50% comedy, the jokes are very funny. One of my favorite jokes take place after the show, They are the Mahora Sentai Baka and a Sayoth Park (a South Park parody). The pactio cards plot was handle more better then last time, there are three types of pactio cards (Suka, Cosplay, and Armor). Unlike the manga version, the cards powers are random.   


The opening is way better then the last one, it showcase all the characters and there seat numbers. It kind of shows there personality a little. The song is awesome, I like the English and the sub equally.  


  Get your Chupacabra shirts
 Get your Chupacabra shirts
Some of the characters personality are the same as there manga counterparts like Yue, Chisame, Satomi and Nodoka. Asuna is way different then her manga counterpart, she really hyper and a little crazy about chupacabra.   
All in all, this is an awesome anime. I hope you guys check it out
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