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Negima!? is an anime series in the Negima! franchise
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A castle is a massive building with towers. Mostly used by royalty and rich people.


China is a country that takes up most of the area in South-East Asia. Civilization in China dates back as far as 2700 B.C.


Earth is the third planet in the sol system, in the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Most noticed for it's blue appearance due to the massive bodies of water that surround it.

Evangeline's House

Evangeline's House is a wooden cottage style home that is in the woods that is within the borders of Mahora Academy City. She lives here with Chachamaru, and trained Negi.


The Island nation of Far East Asia, and the setting for the vast majority of Anime and Manga.

Library Island

A part of Mahora Academy. It is a tiny island which has the Library located on it.


The capital city of England.

Mahora Academy

A school in Japan that secretly has a number of magical students-- and teachers.

Mount Fuji

One of the highest mountains located in Japan. It is featured in many pieces of Art ,and media.


Space is the final frontier.

Swimming Pool

A construction made to held large ammounts of water for people to swim in. Sometimes these includes trampolines and boards to jump of from.


Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and is bordered on the East by England.

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