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An alternate retelling of the Negima! series. Based on the manga created by Ken Akamatsu.

This is the second anime series that is based on the Negima! manga series by Ken Akamatsu (creator of A.I. I Love You & Love Hina). The season was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, and the production of the series was done by the SHAFT company; who had worked on anime series such as Pani Poni Dash!, Maria Holic, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

This season took a radically different turn then the first season that more closely followed the canon of the manga.

Though the reasons for Negi's trip to Japan was the same, much of the outcome was completely original. The series leaned more toward a comedy parody series. Frequently making references to other anime series, movies or video games.

The first season was titled slightly differently as, Negima! . The two seasons were not connected.


Negi Springfield is a ten year-old, boy wizard who dreams of being a great wizard like his father. The man known to the Magical World as the Thousand Master. On the day of Negi's graduation ceremony, he is given his magical certificate that will tell him his task. It declared his path was to become an English teacher to a middle school for girls, Mahora Academy, in Japan. There he runs into a wild girl, Asuna Kagurazaka, who discovers his secret identity as a wizard, and they form a pact.

In a class of thirty-one middle school girls. This young teacher is on a journey filled with test, adoring girls, vampires, evil faeries, and a strange masked man who could be his father.

Second Plot

The second series of the anime very roughly follows the original stories for the first three episodes. It told a stylized version of the battle with vampire Evangeline A..K. McDowell of Volume 3 of the manga. It was after these events that the story took a drastically original turn that would last the extent of the series twenty-six episode run.

Negi's students possessed by an evil fairy.
Negi's students possessed by an evil fairy.

After episode three, the story took a turn when the Dean of Mahora Acemedy, Konoemon Konoe, was alerted that a powerful magical item, the Star Crystal, has been stolen from the Magical Academy, back in England. It is so strong it could infinitely increase the magical power of whoever would touch it. Even the Thousand Master couldn't control this object.

Soon after, a strange darkness is appearing around Mahora Academy. Along with faeries that are possessing Negi's students to attack him. If this wasn't enough trouble. The Magical Association has sent two watchmen, Motsu and Shichimi, to overlook Negi and report if he can keep his secret, and a masked stranger calling himself the Black Rose Baron is following him around. Is he a villain or an ally?

Series Differences

Several aspects of the second season of the anime added their own twists to the Negima! story. Characters were introduced that were exclusive to this series, the Star Crystal is unique to this series, a bracelet that was suppose to of been a gift for Negi from his father, the number Pactio Cards, and how the cards were used.

Series Original Characters

Shichimi & Motsu

Motsu (frog) Shichimi (cat)
Motsu (frog) Shichimi (cat)

The first original characters to be introduced were Shichimi and Motsu. They were the ones that reported that the Star Crystal had been stolen. They claimed that they were envoys form the Magical Academy. They took on the forms of a frog and cat that had been drawn by one of Negi's students, Haruna Saotome.

Black Rose Baron

The Black Rose Baron is the second character that was introduced to the Negima!? series. He is a mysterious and often mischievous mask stranger who follows Negi and seems to appear just in the nick of time to save the day. Negi at first believes that he is his father that has been possessed by the magic of the Star Crystal.

The character seems to be a parody of Tuxedo Mask, from Sailor Moon. He wears a mask, top hat, cape, and he throws black roses as piercing weapons.

Mr. Yamada

Mr. Yamada is a character that in introduced for only a single episode. He is the caretaker of the Library Island of Mahora Academy. He would appear dramatically and suddenly announce his own name. Only to later fall into some trap in a comical manner.

Pactio Cards & Uses

In the regular Negima! series. Negi's Partners of have a single Pactio Card. The second season anime put it's own twist of the cards and how they were activated.

The Three Cards

Left to Right: Rare, Dud, and Cosplay Cards
Left to Right: Rare, Dud, and Cosplay Cards

The activation of a Pactio remained the same from the manga, but not how the cards were used. The original manga allowed the Partner to activate the card by holding it and calling out the chant, "Adeat!".

This anime had the cards only activated by Negi's magic. He would chant the spell and draw a random card. It was more of a lottery system. he had no control over what card he would get on each draw. On the activation of the card. The Partner would then have a Sailor Moon-esque transformation. The Partners in the manga only had a single card to use that they kept with them at all times. This season had three cards; Rare (armor), Cosplay, and Dud(suka).

Cast & Voice Actors

The FUNimation casting the the series was rather different from the original Japanese run on the series. the US dub of the anime had a single voice actor take on several different roles in the large cast. The Japanese version has a different actress for each girl in Negi's class. Also, the Japanese version had Negi voiced by a female actress in a practice called a Paku-man. The US version had Negi voice by a man.

Negi & Class 3-A

Negi SpringfieldRina SatoGreg Ayres
Ayaka YukihiroJunko MinagawaLaura Bailey
Chisame HasegawaYumi ShimuraCaitlin Glass
Chizuru NabaMisa KobayashiAmy Rosenthal
Sakurako ShiinaAkane OmaeColleen Clinkenbeard
Konoka KonoeAi NonakaMonica Rial
Misora KasugaAi BandoWendy Powell
Ako IzumiKotomi YamakawaAvery Rice-Williams
Sayo AisakaYuri ShiratoriKate Bristol
Satsuki YotsubaNaomi InoueMonica Rial
Evangeline A. K. McDowellYuki MatsuokaLaura Bailey
Fuka NarutakiKimiko KoyamaAlison Viktorin
Mana TatsumiyaMiho SakumaStephanie Young
Haruna SaotomeSawa IshigeJamie Marchi
Chachamaru KarakuriAkeno WatanabeCaitlin Glass
Akira OkochiAzumi YamamotoCherami Leigh
Yuna AkashiMadoka KimuraAmber Cotton
Zazie RainydayYuka InokuchiCarrie Savage
Nodoka MiyazakiMamiko NotoLeah Clark
Fumika NarutakiMari KanouAlison Viktorin
Chao LingshenMegumi TakamotoTrina Nishimura
Setsuna SakurazakiYu KobayashiCherami Leigh
Madoka KugimiyaMami DeguchiMary Morgan
Misa KakizakiShizuka ItoGwendolyn Lau
Kazumi AsakuraAyana SasagawaMonica Rial
Natsumi MurakamiMai AizawaMajken Bullard
Satomi HakaseMai KadowakiCarrie Savage
Kaede NagaseRyoko ShiraishiClarine Harp
Makie SasakiYui HorieKate Oxley
Ku FeiHazuki TanakaCynthia Cranz
Asuna KakurazakaAkemi KandaLuci Christian
Yue AyaseNatsuko KuwataniBrina Palencia

Supporting Cast

Albert ChamomileMasashi YabeChris Cason
Nekane SpringfieldMiyuki SawashiroGwendolyn Lau
Anya CocolovaChiwa SaitoBrittney Karbowski
Takamichi TakahataNorihiro InoueMark Stoddard
Black Rose BaronMiyuki SawashiroGwendolyn Lau
ShichimiMiyuki SawashiroBrina Palencia
MotsuChiwa SaitoTrina Nishimura
Nagi SpringfieldMiyuki SawashiroJ. Michael Tatum
Konoemon Konoe / DeanMahito TsujimuraR. Bruce Elliot
Mr. YamadaChoCole Brown


The narration of the anime for the Japanese version was voiced by Makoto Terada (寺田 誠), under his stage name of Mugihito. The English narration was performed by Chris Sabat.


Orihin and TitleJapanease titleTimeArtist
Itsudatte Love & Dream3:42Akemi Kanda
Character Single Vol.2- Konoka Konoe
Nichiyōbi4:33Ai Nonaka
Character Single Vol.3- The Library Exploration Club -Yue Ayase, Haruna Saotome, Nodoka Miyazaki
"Invitation ~Welcome to the Library~"
Invitation ~ Toshokan e irrasshai3:44
Natsuko Kuwatani, Sawa Ishige, and Mamiko Noto
Character Single Vol.4-The Cheerleading Club - Sakurako Shiina, Misa Kakizaki, Madoka Kugimiya
"If Pom-Poms are in Our Hands, We'll win"
Ponpon ryōte ni areba Win4:04
Akane Omae, Shizuka Itou, and Mami Deguchi
Character Single Vol.5 - Chisame Hasegawa
"It's Alright to LikE- Me"
Suki ni natte mo e-yo
3:46Yumi Shimura
Character Single Vol.6 - The Sports Girls - Makie Sasaki, Akira Ookouchi, Yuuna Akashi, Ako Izumi
Yui Horie, Azumi Yamamoto, Madoka Kimura, Kotomi Yamakawa
Character Single Vol.7- Satsuki Yotsuba, Chao Rinshen, Satomi Hakase
"The Area of Love"
Koi no Menseki5:10Naomi Inoue, Chiaki Osawa, and Mai Kadowaki
Character Single Vol.8- The Fighting Four- Kuu Fei, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Mana Tatsumiya, Kaede Nagase
3:48Hazuki Tanaka, Yu Kobayashi, Miho Sakuma, and Ryoko Shiraishi
Character Single Vol.9- Ayaka Yukihiro
"The Angel After Rains"
Ameagari no Tenshi4:35Junko Minagawa
Character Single Vol.10- Yami no Fukuin and Doll- Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Chachamaru Karakuri, and Sayo Aisaka
"Maze of the dark"
Yuki Matsuoka, Akeno Watanabe, and Yuri ShiratoriYuri Shiratori
Character Single Vol.11- The Trick Trio Fuuka and Fumika Narutaki, Kasuga Misora
"It's my life"
Character Single Vol.12- The Culture Club Kazumi Asakura, Chizuru Naba, Natsumi Murakami, and Zazie Rainyday
"Girls, be ambitious ~Let's be Cinderellas~"
Girls, be ambitious〜 Shinderera ni narō yo〜
Ayana Sasagawa, Misa Kobayashi, Mai Aizawa, and Yuka Inokuchi
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 26
“I will not say that I am lonely! Because, I have faith that we will surely meet again!"
1 - 25
“And with that, the case is closed!?”
1 - 24
“Professor Negi, it appears this is the climax.” “Let’s all go home together, Negi!”
1 - 23
“Wait, you can’t do that, Negi!” “That’s right, because we’re your partners!”
1 - 22
“Aiya! Something strange is beginning to happen! This must surely be the end of the world!”
1 - 21
“A man silently eats his Ramen Takamichi.” “What the hell does that even mean?”
1 - 20
“They say, bigger the blander, but that’s not necessarily true in actuality.”
1 - 19
“It’s great to go back to being a kid again and having fun. Although, I can have fun without going back to being a kid, too.”
1 - 18
“There’s a bastard who gets all happy with secrets, then reveals them, and it really pisses me off.” “Chiu-Chiu is going to get angry too! Really mad!”
1 - 17
“Natsumi, family will always be the home run king of bonds. Don’t you agree?” “I don’t understand what you mean at all, Chizuru.”
1 - 16
“Yesterday’s foe is today’s friend.” “Good enough friends to have fights.” “No doesn’t always mean no.”
1 - 15
“The class is growing disquiet at the unexpected turn of events.” “So they’re getting louder?” “15 points.”
1 - 14
“Frankly speaking, in the face of magic, scientific theory might as well be nonexistent.”
1 - 13
“Rather than a question of you being the enemy, the issue is really whether or not you are a nuisance to the Master.”
1 - 12
“After much quibbling, in the end all it comes down to is how you feel.”
1 - 11
“Huh, so the Baron is a kind of a rose. I thought it was a kind of potato.”
1 - 10
“Professor Negi went behind my back?! I shall never condone such a thing!”
1 - 9
“You hide the 'heart' with a 'sword' and read it as ninja. It is a little different than how you write 'serious' and read it as 'for real'.”
1 - 8
“Sensei, please make us adults.”
1 - 7
“Um, I think there are some good things about not being seen, but I do think there are times when it's better to be seen.”

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Christopher R. Sabat
Akiyuki Shinbo
Ken Akamatsu

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Name Negima!?
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