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Negima! is an anime series in the Negima! franchise
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Destinyheroknight Where is the story?

Negima! has more to it than a cute kid surrounded by pretty women. Negi has a goal he truly believes in - to one day become a master wizard like his father. He doesn’t have exact plan on how to reach his goal, which makes it rather hard for him ...

Reviewed by Destinyheroknight on Jan. 7, 2011
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ThePsychoGamer Where's the Magic?

Intro       Negima! is an anime about a ten year old wizard in training who in the last part of his training has to teach a roudy group of middle school girls while keeping his magic a secret, douse this sound like a plot to a bad harem? well it ...

Reviewed by ThePsychoGamer on Jan. 31, 2010
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JJOR64 Negima! - A great harem/romance/comedy/action show!

Negima! Right off the bandwagon from Negima!? (Negima!’s spinoff series) I decided to check out the anime based on the original manga, Negima!  Negima! was produced by Xebec, Inc.  and has 26 episodes.  Negima is a harem, romance, comedy, action.....  I guess you could say it's a bunch of stuff ...

Reviewed by JJOR64 on Jan. 17, 2010
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ronat1 Lucky boy

What would you say if you get the chance to become a teacher of a class full of pretty and cute students?Not bad at all right? Well thats basically the hole thing behind Negima! Its about the adventures of this group of school girl students and their very unique teacher, a ...

Reviewed by ronat1 on April 29, 2011
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