why do the anime's suck?

Topic started by rein on Aug. 5, 2011. Last post by PenguinDust 3 years, 7 months ago.
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Maybe it's just me, but i feel as though all the negima animes suck.
Why didn't they just follow the manga's story instead of making 4 animes that deviate completely from the main story?
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They only make two anime

The first one was following the story up until Kyoto Arc (the ending sucks so badly)

The second one was pretty good, going by it own story

They did make an OVA that follow the manga more closer

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I only know the series from the animes and I enjoyed the two seasons.  The first one had more characterization which I liked but as has been noted above, the ending was silly and forced.  The second series, Negima!?, was a lot better throughout and was funnier.  It's number 18 currently on my all-time favorites list.  I still need to see the OVAs someday.  Obviously, I can't related either to the mangas so I can only judge them on their independent merits.  
If, as @Destinyheroknight: says, the first series followed the manga to a certain chapter then it probably would have needed to be a lot longer than what it was.  While it is rich in developing who the students are, it moves along pretty slowly story wise.  There's really not much action at all in the show from what I remember until the craziness at the end.  I have to assume that there was some creative reinterpretation in this show similar to what happened to Fullmetal Alchemist (2003).  Perhaps someday they'll reboot the entire series (again) and follow the manga more closely.  Since there are 34 book volumes currently, I'm guessing it will take more than 24 episodes again to tell. 
I read recently that there is a new Negima movie coming out this month in Japan double-billed with Hayate The Combat Butler.
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