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NEEDLESS is an anime series in the NEEDLESS franchise
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Those good old fights Reviewed by ronat1 on April 24, 2011. ronat1 has written 9 reviews. His/her last review was for Highschool of the Dead. 20 out of 24 users recommend his reviews. 5 out of 5 users found this review helpful.
Needless to say, I found this anime series really great. Now seriously, the show  was up to my expectations.  Its basically about a group of super-powered guys that were the result of a huge explosion during this third world war, when several bombs were dropped in Japan, leaving black spots of massive destruction, where only this group of lucky guys could survive, and now they fight for their lives in this cruel place, the black spot, which has been separated from the city itself by massive walls. The story centers on the efforts of a group of this so called "needless" that are being hunted by the bad guy who is another needless that got the power to absorb the powers of other needless.I know it sound kind of crazy but the story is really interesting and exciting.

As pros I would say
1.- First the music is incredibly good, not many anime´s use hard rock music as background, its a tricky choice that not always works, but in this case the result is awesome. 
2.- The fighting is simply incredible, like those good old fights, with the action and intense power of Dragon Ball, but in fast mode, so you don´t get to see those never ending fights were nobody dies and that keep going and going. 
3.- It has a large variety of characters, each one really well developed. 
4.- It has its necessary quote of fan service, but without crossing the line of excess, as well as its gore quote (although it hasn´t that much violence as the manga). 
5.- The plot is very fast and well built, and the graphics style is pretty good. 

As cons I have to say
1.- It lacks only in two things, first is that is difficult to understand on the three or four first episodes, although it is understandable for such a tricky plot.
2.- And personally I would have expected a more developed ending, it seemed that they simply cut it and never got the chance to explain some more, which would have been better.

I give Needless 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend anyone to give it a try.   

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