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NEEDLESS is an anime series in the NEEDLESS franchise
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Adam Arclight

Leader of Simeon who has a power similar to Adam Blade. With his Elite Four, he has begun a "Needless Hunt" to absorb as much power as he can and crush anyone who opposes him.

Adam Blade

The main protagonist of the manga and anime series Needless. A Priest who has the Fragment Zero who travels through the Black Spot to save his friends.

Aruka Schild

Cruz's sister and secret member of Simeon's Elite Four. Has a Fragment that lets her increase the speed of molecules in the air around her, generating large amounts of heat and can make things explode by touch.

Cruz Schild

The only known survivor of the failed Resistance attack on Adam Arclight. He appears to have a sister complex and is treated like a slave by Eve and Adam Blade.


A "mecha musume" with the ability to Scan people and things to gather more information about them. An informant who carries a lot of data in her body.

Eve Neuschwanstein

A shapeshifting Needless with the Doppleganger ability that lets her change part or all of her body at will. Horrible at remembering names.


A smart doctor who appears to be the relatively sane foil to Adam Blade's craziness. Sort of looks like Dr. Wily, but blonde and not as evil.


Mute member of the Pretty Girl Squad who communicates with a notepad and pen. She carries a fan on her wrist that lets her use the Fragrance ability to paralyze and control her enemies.


One member of the Beautiful Girl Squad who carries a very heavy teddy bear with her. She has the Power Fragment, which gives her superhuman strength.

Riru Roukakuji

A Needless with the power of telekinesis, creator of the Pretty Girl Squad and Adam Arclight's most trusted confidante.


Satan is one of adam arclight's elight four. He has tracked down Adam Blade for his boss Adam Arclight but refuses to give up adam blade's location.


Seto always carries a large sword around with her and has power to control gravity. She has worked with Adam Blade in the past and is mostly concerned with getting paid. Sometimes refers to herself as a "shinigami."


Leader of her three-girl team in the Pretty Girl Squad. Her Fragment is Speed, which allows her to move and attack faster than the speed of sound.


A Needless with the power of magnetism, Solva was secretly the leader of a group of bandits. After being defeated, she decided to join with Seto and Adam Blade in order to pursue her dream of one day ruling all of Black Spot.

Teruyama Momiji

A hot-tempered fighter with the Flame power to match. Initially attacks Adam Blade by mistake, but then reveals that he really wants revenge on Adam Arclight.


One of Simeon's Elite Four with the ability to create illusions and make things appear invisible.

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