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Tricky, tricky, TRICKY people.
Tricky, tricky, TRICKY people.

Somehow, this show’s outro found a way to be even trickier than the outro of VAMPIRE BUND (watch my review if you don’t know what that means.) Three underage school girls - - with little apparent connection to the actual episode- - going at it for two minutes while bubblegum pop plays? Good thing I didn’t choose to watch this on the plane ride home.

My assessment of NEEDLESS shifted a lot while watching it. The intro with the shirtless dude made it look like it was going to be absolutely awful. Then, it got to be so over-the-top all around that I just couldn’t resist the outrageousness of everything. It seemed like the creators knew how absurd this all was and decided to ride it for all they could, scoring major XP points for presenting the character’s super-moves like fighting game specials. Of course, that gag then went on for a lot longer than it should’ve and I started feeling like I was seeing references to a game I've never played - - and that was lame, friends. By that point, the tricky outro proved to be a fitting (and revolting) capper to all of this nonsense.

“Nonsense” really is the right word to describe this pilot, because I’m still not sure what the hell it was about. The plot’s buried under copious quantities of chibi and speedline-adorned shouting. In most cases like this, I’d go online and read an official synopsis to get a better sense of what I’ve just watched. In this case, though, whatever curiosity I had about this Blade guy and his compatriots has been dissolved by that tricky outro’s slimy goo.

Just... just... gross.

Watch this episode "Adam Blade" below and decide for yourself.

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I don't think that I have enough time to watch another series right now, but it good to know that I have alternatives.

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No no.. watched episode 1 once an that was enuff... one could say ( puts on sunglasses over regular glasses) it was needless!

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Needless is awesome: it's a parody of action anime/manga. So you didn't like this? Ah.

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I love this freaking show, and it's god-damned catchy opening song, I always start humming it when I play Red Dead Redemption or when I watch a Western movie, Damn you GranRodeo!

@Marshal Victory said:

No no.. watched episode 1 once an that was enuff... one could say ( puts on sunglasses over regular glasses) it was needless!


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Watched 13 or so episodes of this with my sister and we really enjoyed it but we ended up distracted by something else and never finished it. And holy shit that opening, love that so much.

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Aha. I had to watch just the ending because of this write up. I wondered if this truly was a mole hill or mountain of a complaint. Yeah it's a mountain. What's worse, the ending, or that it doesn't truly affect me? Not really interested in it, I just don't care at this point. "Yeah, it's anime" As the basis for anything I'd probably stop watching for want of something with some kind of actual substance, but not out of any kind of disgust. If all of japan was this bad I'd move their right away and have my pick of a mature woman; that's a nice dream. Though as stated atleast in this first episode, it was really just the ending and not in the actual episode I guess?

If it's some kind of cornball parody, is it ok for it to parody other anime with an ending like that or is it still too far? Hmm. I haven't watched anything since 09, other than rewatching a few favorites, and I think "negative" headlines just make me continue to not care about anime much subconsciously.

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I would advise against watching this show. I saw the first episode and some youtube clips and my head hurt afterwards.

At first it seems like it will be comically bad, but doesn't hold up. Slight spoiler here, but you should see this before you continue

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Really, Tom? Really?! You're basing this almost entirely off the outro? I find that sad. The three girls are significant characters in the show and if you couldn't tell from the music, the stuff isn't to be taken seriously.

Now, the series as a whole does a lot of what the original FMA did: breaks up the serious stuff with chibi humor. I know you're not a fan, Tom, but you can get past such things.

I was iffy on this show the first couple episodes but then I got into it and ended up enjoying. I like the story. I like the animation. I like the dub. I have a couple complaints but that's to be expected (I won't state them because they would be spoilers).

And for the sake of all this, "Learned it!"

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This show is indeed quite enjoyable when it comes to the action and characters from the nine episodes that I have had the opportunity to watch so far, but as with what Tom found with the outro theme, it just goes a bit far for my personal tastes.

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If you take this show seriously at all, then you've already lost.
Granted, I personally got tired of the show when it spent about a third of the series in a single room, falling into the same story arc fatigue that it may or may not have been parodying. But having said that, ADAM BLADE's incredible overacting really made the show watchable. You should've seen the manga though, that got a lot more violent and bloody at times than the anime (and is still ongoing afaik).
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I wrote about Needless in a blog awhile ago. It's a spoof of certain trends in anime like moe and underwear fetishism. The main character is an oafish hyper active deviant and everyone treats him as such. The closing titles will push the boundaries of good taste for some, but the entire series should not be faulted for that minute and a half.

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@PenguinDust said:

The closing titles will push the boundaries of good taste for some, but the entire series should not be faulted for that minute and a half.

Exactly. And it seems to me that Tom is. It's real shame because the show is entertaining on the comedy an action front and has an interesting story-though it doesn't pick up until last 10 episodes.

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There's a difference between parody and satire. If he doesn't enjoy the underage girls flashing and fondling eachother, being a parody doesn't automatically make it fine then. It's obviously more than just the ending looking at that clip taken from the middle of a show, so I don't see how that can be called in its defense. Watch it, enjoy it, but having a concern over that content is completely legitimate so don't treat it like some crazed negative criticism.

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@sotyfan16: The outro shows off children in a sexual manner...that makes it worth bashing the show on. Find it sad if you like but I am glad he does this and I agree. WAYYYY to much of anime has become pedophilic and this needs to be stopped.

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I had no idea what the outro involved until Tom brought it up in this column-and I've seen the whole series. Tom likes to explore episodes in entirety so that's how he came across what I missed. I don't find any use in watching intros or outros unless I like the music so I skip them-even for shows I like. Tom is not going to watch this show but if he did he could easily not watch the outro. Out of sight, out of mind.

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