Near Dark

Near Dark is an anime episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund that was released on 03/04/2010

On the surface, things appear to have calmed down at the academy, but among the students there are deep physical and psychological scars that have not yet healed. Yuki comes into the office to show her draft of the student council officer invitation, but she realizes that she to the office, observing Mina's two-sided personality as both selfless and selfish. Yuki then had her diary instead. Meanwhile, Mei Ren pull Akira over her onto the floor of a classroom, where the latter sees her wearing a replicated necklace, as the original belongs to someone special to her. After Yuki scurries to the classroom to pick up her notebook, she returns back into the office, only to find that Mina is reading her diary. Though Mina apologizes for reading it, she is quite intrigued for what Yuki wrote. Mina also apologizes for lying about the ring Yuki gave to Akira, admitting her envy toward Yuki. Elsewhere, Veratos saves a young boy named Yuzuru from a rogue vampire who self-destructs. Veratos learns that Yuzuru is searching for Nanami inside the Vampire Bund. Mina and Akira later find Nanami, who is among the others who are immune to the vaccine created to prevent transformation. Hysterica, Nanami's new master, surrounds the with an army of zombie vampire, in which Hikosaka is among them. Nanami escapes after preventing Mina from attacking Hysterica. However, Veratos shows up and engages in a battle against Hysterica, as the two confront their past. Yuzuru sneaks out from Yuki's watch to find Nanami, who is overwhelmed by her feelings for him. Hysterica suddenly bashes Yuzuru aside and takes Nanami with her. Once Hysterica makes her escape, Mina, Akira, and Veratos wonder what she is planning to do to the human race.

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