Naval Grand Line Forces Locations

Naval Grand Line Forces is a anime/manga concept
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Enies Lobby

Enies Lobby, also known as Judiciary Island, is the base for the World Government and Marines. It is the first stop before Impel Down.

G-1 Marine Base

The G-1 Marine Base is the Marine HQ and is located at the end of the first half of the Grand Line. It was formally known as Marineford, but the name was switched with the original G-1 Base in the New World.

G-2 Marine Base

The G-2 Marine Base is a military base of the Marine Forces that also serves as a prison.

G-8 Marine Base

The G-8 Marine Base is a self containted Marine Base that once in there is no way out unless given permission. Located on the island of Navarone. (Anime Only)

Grand Line

The Grand Line is the isolated sea, surrounded North and South by the Calm Belt, that spans the entire world of One Piece. It is the test of all who wish to be King of the Pirates.

Holy Land Marie Jois

The Holy Land of Marie Jois is the capital to the World Government in One Piece. The only other means of entrance to the Grand Line other then Reverse Mountain.

Impel Down

Impel Down is the great prison of the Marine forces and World Government. Located in the Calm Belt and surrounded by Sea Kings.

Punk Hazard Island

Punk Hazard Island is an island in the New World portion of the Grand Line that is covered in both fire and ice on each side.

Shell Town

Shell Town is the home of the Marine Base that was once commanded by Captain Morgan.

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