Naturally Exploding Girl

Naturally Exploding Girl is an anime episode of Sumomomo Momomo that was released on 10/12/2006

Koushi details his efforts to get out of the house and get to school, as it is the one place that he can escape from both the lovestruck Momoko and his demanding father. However, Momoko shows up in his same classroom, revealing that she transferred into the school by scaring the principal with her martial artist aura. Even so, Koushi tries his best to ignore her and instead he has feelings for the class representative, Sanae.

Later that day, during PE class, the gym teacher tries to show off his muscles and the fact that he was on the Japanese olympics team. Koushi replies that the teacher tried out for the team, but didn't make it. After this insult, the teacher tries to show him up by laying out a series of physical challenges. Momoko accepts them in his place, and beats the teacher in every single one. The teacher then decides to put out a tall pommel horse, and places it on the roof of the school, telling Koushi that if neither he nor Momoko can make the jump, then he will fail the course and will not be able to pursue his dream of being a prosecutor without the credits to graduate. Momoko then decides to make the jump for his sake, using her dragon to blast the gym teacher into the ground and leap onto the roof of the school, over the pommel horse.

Koushi and Momoko later return home, and find a list of names lying on the table. Koushi's father appears and tells him that the names on that list are martial artists from the 12 tribes of the zodiac who will probably try to break up the arranged marriage between Koushi and Momoko. Koushi and Momoko are told that they represent two of the 12 tribes of the zodiac (Dog and Dragon, respectively) that split into East and West and fought each other, dragging the rest of Japan into chaos. Every major war in the country was somehow started by their own conflicts, so Momoko and Koushi's fathers decided that their children would marry each other to bring the two sides together and end the fighting. However, there are other tribes who will do what they can to break up the marriage or even kill them to gain power for themselves.

Of course, Koushi believes none of this, and instead goes back to studying and trying to keep Momoko away from him.

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