One Piece #53 - Natural Born King

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 03/04/2009

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol.46

Natural Born King - 王の資質 (Ō no Shishitsu)

When the Straw Hats come in contact with Bartholomew Kuma's bare paw, this Shichibukai's teleportation power sends them flying to an unknown location. Luffy lands on a maiden island where he battles the local Amazons. But with the crew scattered all around the world, will they ever be able to meet up again?!


The Story of One Piece - Volume 53

A summary of events in the One Piece story leading up to the beginning of Volume 53.

Chapter 513 - Beyond Rescue!!!.....Pg. 007

Cover Story- CP9's Independent Report, Vol. 21: "Excessive Justice"

Chapter 514 - Body Parasite Mushrooms.....Pg. 029

Cover Story- CP9's Independent Report, Vol. 22: "We Can't Stay in this Town Any Longer"

Chapter 515 - Adventure on the Island of Women.....Pg. 049

Cover Story- CP9's Independent Report, Vol. 23: "A Flower is a Gift that Shines Brightly"

Chapter 516 - Pirate Empress Boa Hancock.....Pg. 068

Cover Story- n/a

Chapter 517 - Bath Time.....Pg. 089

Cover Story- CP9's Independent Report, Vol. 24: "CP9 Sets Sail from St. Polar"

Chapter 518 - Coliseum.....Pg. 109

Cover Story- CP9's Independent Report, Vol. 25: "Honetown"

Chapter 519 - Natural Born King.....Pg. 129

Cover Story- CP9's Independent Report, Vol. 26: "Next Generation CP in Training"

Chapter 520 - Eye of the Gorgon.....Pg. 148

Cover Story- n/a

Chapter 521 - Hoof of the Celestial Dragon.....Pg. 169

Cover Story- CP9's Independent Report, Vol. 27: "Pursuers Ashore--CP9 Capture Mission"

Chapter 521 - Fatal illness.....Pg. 189

Cover Story- CP9's Independent Report, Vol. 28: "Defending Our Hometown"

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Bartholomew Kuma(unnamed technique)
UsoppSpecial Attack - Exploding Star
LuffyGear Second
Gum-Gum Jet Pistol
Gear Third
Giant Pistol
Gum-Gum Balloon
Gum-Gum Pistol (unnamed)
Gum-Gum Gatling
Conqueror's Spirit (Haouskoku Haki)
Jet Bazooka
Gum-Gum Jet Gatling
FrankyStrong Right
Kuja AmazonsBusoushoku Haki
Boa HancockLove-Love Beam
Pistol Kiss
Boa MarigoldBusouhoku Haki
Snake Stick
Medusa Hair - Salamander
Boa SandersoniaKenbunshoku Haki
Snake Slam
Snake Dance
Medusa Hair - Eight-Headed Serpent

SBS - Question Corner

SBS - Page 48

Q- In volume 51, chapter 502, the CP9's Independent Report shows Kalifa wearing the Criminal brand that''s popular on Fish-Man Island! Why would a human be wearing that? And does Kalifa like brand-name stuff? --MOTO

Oda- I'm glad you caught that. That is indeed a T-shirt of Pappagu's Brand "Criminal". I get the feeling that Kalifa likes brand-name clothing. Criminal is very popular on Fish-Man Island, but it is sold on dry land too. Even Zoro was wearing it for a while. Now about the name "Criminal". The Japanese word for "criminal" can also mean "star". That's it's star-shaped.

Q- Ods Sensei! Hello-Borsalino! This is abot the super-cute mermaid Camei's birthday! The "Ca" in her name sounds like "K", the eleventh letter of the alphabet, so let's say it means eleven! Then "mei" rhymes with three (sort of)! So, can her birthday be November 3? --II TO ITTE!

Oda- Hello-Borsalino! Sure. Sure-Borsalino!

SBS Page 88

Q- Oda Sensei, aren't you going to get n afro? I think you'd loo great with one. --Hiromu

Oda- No! When did I ever say I would?!

Q- Oddachi, why do you want to be a pirate? You're a grown-up now! --Ulmol

Oda- I never said I did! What's with you people?

Q- Rayleigh, the Dark King is too wicked. (I guess people don't use that word anymore.) By the way, in Buggy's flashback in chapter 19, I found a somewhat younger Rayleigh (volume 3, page34). I was surprised to see you'd already designed the character that long ago. --Kanpla

Oda- I got a lot of letters about this. I really feel that this mangais worth drawing when people remember such tiny details from the early episode. I explained that this person was the first mate in an earlier Question Corner, but that would mean that Silvers Rayleigh was the Pirate King's right-hand man! So, Kanpla, you're a 48-year-old man I'm happy to know that even someone your age can be impressed by Rayleigh.

Q- Is the book Kuma's holding One Piece volume 12? My friend says that it's definitely volume 13! I don't know what to tell him. Which is it Oda-san? --YUMAx527

Oda- It would be right around the time the crew entered the Grand Line in volume 12 and 13. Kuma always has that bored look on his face, so maybe he's reading the Davy Back Fight in volume 33 and laughing to himself. Or maybe he's holding volume 25, in which he debuted. I wonder which volume it is! I don't know. Let's all take a guess! Bye!

SBS Page 128

Q- Hello, Oda Sensei! This may be sudden, but those whose face is on the berry bills, the money that's used in the world of One Piece? I really want to know! You've never actually drawn them before. So, please draw then here--with details, mind you! --Cat Burglar Aki

One Piece money drawn by Oda
One Piece money drawn by Oda

Oda- I see. I guess you're right. [illustration of money] There, that's all of them. What? I'm just winging it? No, I'm not! Wait! I guess I am! Anyway, I'm making this official right now.

Q- In chapter 487, "That Song", there was a skeleton with a pokadot shirt that Brook picked up. And the guy who asked Brook how to fight with a sword has a sword stuck in his head. He's suppose to have died while singing, so how did the sword get in his head? When id that happen? Ad who did it? --Copin

Oda- My readers have such keen eyes for these things! I'm really surprised, I received a couple of letters about this, so let me introduce them to you! Meet the Mizuuta twins!

SBS Page 168

Q- In chapter 519 on One Piece, you added tone to the title page, right? You painted one title page black too. After looking at the chapter number, I understood why. 519 is the final chapter of Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama, an author you respect. In other words, that was your way of saying you'd caught up.

Oda- Wow, you figured it out. You're exactly right. Well, it's more like a milestone for me than a message. By the way Dragon Ball only has 42 volumes out, so some people already think I'm way beyond that. But Dragon Ball started off as a humorous comic and only had 15 pages per chapter, while One Piece was a story comic with 19 pages per chapter. So even though we were both in serialization for 12 years, I did 53 volumes. I'm sorry I made you sepnd so much extra money. I want to wrap up One Piece soon, but I don't want to abandon the story until I've tied up the loose ends. So please be patient with me because I wont stop unit I wrap everything up.

Q- Hello, Oda Sensei. CP9 is extremely popular at my school. There are Finger Pistol battles every single day, so our bodies are riddled with holes. By the way, I heard you're the legendary Seven Powers user who surpasses the Six Powers.What's the last move? Please, tell me. --CP608

Oda- You figured out my secret. Yes, that's right. I'm the legendary Seven Powers user. Six Powers mean that you can use Finger Pistol, Moon Walk, Iron Body, Shave, Paper Art, and, uh... Tempest Kick. But there's one more special move that only I can use, and that's the Bother! When people are having a really serious fight, I get in between them and shout "Bother!". This gets really annoying really fast. So you got a problem with that?!

Q- Mr. Oda, if you were to take a trip, where would you go? Pop! --Junpei

Oda- !!...(See you in the next volume! Check out the special Question Corner section on page 188.)

SBS Voice of Zoro, Kazuya Nakai - Page 188 & 208-209

Eiichiro Oda interviews voice actor for Roronoa Zoro, Kazuya Nakai; and he answers questions from readers.

(see Nakai's Anime Vice profile for full interview.)

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