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Natsu Dragneel is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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My Burrito Review of Fairy Tail
My Burrito Review of Fairy Tail

Welcome to the Fairy Tail review! I'm Takashichea (Taka for short) who is a big Fairy Tail fan and wiki editor. There are so much content in Fairy Tail, so I decide to review the last parts of Fairy Tail because it's fresh in my head. Since this review is for the Anime Vice's Write A Review & You Could Win A Copy of FAIRY TAIL! contest, I have to set it up like a burrito.

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Some of these ingredients are fantastic, and these make Fairy Tail enjoyable. The unique part about Fairy Tail's Time Skip was that it did a 7 years skip, but the main characters along with a few supporting characters didn't age. Compared to Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece, everyone had aged. The Grand Magic Games/ Tournament arc in Fairy Tail may seem a cliche arc you see in most Battle Shonen series. For Fairy Tail, it had build up the characters to this point where you want to root for your favorites and new characters. For the filler arc, it's has some good parts and bad. Overall, it wasn't exciting as the tournament arc. When you hit the filler arc, you may skip it or not. If you eat a breakfast burrito each day, you might get bored of it. That's how I personally felt with the filler arc.

Story and Characters

Ravages of Time and Old Wounds
Ravages of Time and Old Wounds

The Key of the Starry Sky filler arc is an extension of Lucy Heartfilia who suffers from the ravages of time. Even though she still has her guild as a secondary family, she lost her father. She regrets not spending the time with her father who was worried about her those seven years. Because of the Phantom arc, Lucy had distance herself from her father. It was tear jerking to see her story with her father reach closure. The rest of the gang didn't have a lot of issues with the time skip like how Lucy did. Later in the Grand Magic Game, Erza encounters her past when Jellal and Millianna come into play. That makes the story in Fairy Tail come full circle. These past arcs still have their roots embedded.

Random Funny Moments + Shipping
Random Funny Moments + Shipping

For the characters, their fight and struggles are what gets the audience revved up. Lucy's fight with Flare just makes you want Fairy Tail to win. Natsu's and the guild's drive to back up Lucy makes you feel you're part the experience. Even though the friendship theme is a bit overwhelming, Natsu's speech manages to stir me up. With the action and drama, Fairy Tail's comedic scenes are often warm and enjoyable. Happy's scene of Lucy's sex appeal finally working or Mirajane vs Jenny's cosplay fight were great and memorable. Some of the humor comes from shipping characters make some scenes irresistible like Erza and Jellal's scenes by the beach. The fans loves this part of Fairy Tail, the silly romance we make it up in our heads.

The flavor of this series' burrito is memorable. You can't forget these characters and their stories.

Just Needs More Seasoning or Flavor


Personally, the music in Fairy Tail wasn't memorable. I sometimes hum different anime songs along with other music at random points in the day. I don't really hum the Fairy Tail theme songs. It's not that I hate Fairy Tail songs. It's a bit average.


I don't know if it's my eyes or Crunchyroll. That's the legal streaming site I use predominantly for Fairy Tail until Crunchyroll remove the episodes later on. I feel the animation was sharper and crisp in the Tenrou Island arc. For the animation in the Starry Sky arc and Grand Magic Games, the animation looks blurry. Close up of characters look fine, but shots of characters in the middle ground are pretty blurred. The animation in the fight scenes are lower than ones you see in Kill la Kill and other anime series that are produced by companies like Production I.G, Inc.


Big Butt Gang - Hit or Miss. Wendy look good
Big Butt Gang - Hit or Miss. Wendy look good

Everyone might run into a bad burrito or ate a stale burrito. There are some stale parts in Fairy Tail's last arc or some times there is an odd combination of flavors.

  • Big Butt Gang - This group is from Hiro Mashima's old work, Rave Master. There is a hit or miss with this group. Personally, I find them annoying. While it's funny to see Erza, Wendy, and Carla wearing these outfits, the Big Butt Gang can be gross. The Big Butt Gang can be an odd flavor that's out of place like anchovies. You don't see anchovies in burritos.
  • Overuse of Friendship - This is part of eating the same burrito gets boring. Fairy Tail solves its serious fights with friendship often. For children, it's a good theme to reinforce. For the adults, you get tired of it.
  • Being a filler arc, the Key of the Starry Sky arc does a lot of padding and set ups for the next fight. You find yourself wanting to get this done. Some of the plot seems predictable like Michelle's identity coming out. When Lucy has a late epiphany that to resolve means defeating Oracion Seis. That's pretty predictable. Fairy Tail solves everything by punching in the face.
  • Tournament arc had a slow start and short matches. Some folks love short battles compared to some Shonen series that are known for ridiculous long battles. For Fairy Tail, these matches that pit your favorite character against another. You want it to be satisfying. Some fights like Wendy vs Chelia are stalled. I remember most of the fight began in the next episode.

Tortilla - End

The Tortilla part in the burrito is what holds the ingredients together. Fairy Tail did a decent job for its last arc back in 2013. It's coming back from a year break starting this spring 2014 season. The story does get stale and look like its running out of ideas, but it keeps you going with its characters and their zany adventures. Fans will look forward to Fairy Tail. Newcomers will enjoy Fairy Tail if they like the simplistic characters, a bit of fan service, and light hearted fun.

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Hello everyone, I'm Taka, your neighborhood wiki editor. In this blog, I'll share my experiences getting into One Piece and Toriko from a Fairy Tail fan's perspective and tell you whether you should or should not try these two Shonen series if you're unfamiliar with it.

How I got into One Piece and Toriko?

I got into One Piece back in Summer 2012 while I got into Toriko back in November 2013 because I saw a lot of folks talking about it. In One Piece's case, DestinyHeroKnight and ShadowKnight508 were the ones who pushed me into One Piece. For Toriko, I got interested because of Taichokage, Othus12, SpeedForceSpider, and the rest of the battle gang.

Note: I hit my word limit for the blog''s title.

Should FT fans Get Into One Piece?

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, this is one captain who’ll never drop anchor until he’s claimed the greatest treasure on Earth – the Legendary One Piece!

Yes, most fans will get into One Piece because there is so many similarities. It's a lot easier to transition into One Piece from Fairy Tail because of the similarities. Here is a brief list of what these two franchises share in common.

Luffy's crew and Natsu's Fairy Tail guild gets into trouble with the law. Both sides fight for their Nakama and time skips. The differences are that One Piece is about the exploration and fight towards their dreams. Fairy Tail doesn't really have a goal. It seems like an endless adventure with evil guilds and groups who messes with Fairy Tail guild. For Natsu, he was searching for his father, Igneel, in episode 1. It never pops up again. Both series are warm hearted and funny, but One Piece's fight scenes have some blood, and it isn't afraid of showing people dying, both manga and anime. Fairy Tail's anime is bloodless compared to its manga.

Sometimes, you wonder if Fairy Tail is ripping off One Piece with its scenes and certain characters (Shanks and Gildarts Clive).

I posted this table in DestinyHeroKnight's I prefer One Piece over Fairy Tail a long time ago.

One PieceSimilarities and DifferencesFairy Tail
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy


  • Both Natsu and Luffy are oblivious to women's feelings for them. (IE: Luffy to Boa Hancock and Natsu to Lucy (who's unsure).
  • Both are big eaters and smile a hell lot.
  • Both won't back down when their friends' lives are at stake.
  • Both have scars. Luffy has one underneath his left eye and a big one on his chest. Natsu has one at his neck.


  • Luffy is a rubber man who can stretch while Natsu's a Dragon Slayer with fire powers.
  • Occupations: Luffy is a pirate, and Natsu is a mage. Same goes for everyone in this list
  • Weaknesses: Luffy can't swim, and sharp objects are bad. In Natsu's case, motion sickness.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel


  • Both love money and have large breasts.
  • Both lost a loved one. (IE: Nami's adopted mother Bellemere and Lucy's Layla Heartfilia)


  • Background: Lucy comes from a rich family while Nami's family is poor.
  • Nami is a navigator who knows geography and anything in her field well. Lucy is book smart in Celestial Magic.
  • Nami has a tragic past.
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro


  • Both lost a loved one who is also female. (IE: Zoro's Kuina and Gray's Ur).
  • Both compete with the main character, Zoro w/ Luffy and Gray w/ Natsu. Though, Natsu and Gray' are more rivals than Zoro and Luffy.
  • Both are brawlers.
  • Both attract strange women. For Gray, it's Juvia while for Zoro, it's Perona.


  • Zoro is a swordsman while Gray is an ice mage.
  • Zoro has no sense of direction.
Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster


  • Chopper and Happy are sort of like the comic relief characters.


  • Chopper is a doctor while Happy has no profession.
  • Happy loves to troll his friends while Chopper is a bit respectful.
  • Chopper has several forms.
  • Only Happy can fly.
Nico Robin
Nico Robin


  • Both have tragic pasts, but they differ. Nico's story is her people being massacred when her home island, Ohara, was eradicated off the map. She was always on the run because folks would betray her and turn in. For Erza, she is a former slave forced to resurrect Zeref at the Tower of Heaven.
  • Both lived on islands.
  • Both are well endowed.


  • Nico has seen her parents, but Erza has never seen hers.
  • Abilities: Nico has the Hana Hana fruit while Erza has the ability to requip different armors. Erza has a uniform fetish.
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet

Quick Breakdown of One Piece

For Fairy Tail fans, you should try One Piece out. I quickly list some pros and cons.


  • Different Style of Humor
  • A wealth of characters that have quirks (such as laughter Saul's Dereshi and that Amazon's Za za za)
  • Origin Stories are pretty deep
  • Characters die permanently or stay dead in One Piece. You will shed a tear or at least sympathize with the characters. Fairy Tail is too soft with its character deaths (with the exception of Simon and the others). I got angry at Fairy Tail for bringing back one character (L****a) and never expand her relationship with one character.
  • One Piece capitalizes on exploration than Fairy Tail.
  • Fight Scenes - One Piece's longer for sure. The quality of the fight between the two series depends on the fan's tastes. If you want serious fights, One Piece and Fairy Tail will disappoint you. There are comedic moments where the good guys and enemies fool around. I notice that fans hate Sting's fight with Erza's Fairy Tail group because it ended without much resistance. One Piece's fights go all out.


  • Story arcs in One Piece are way longer than Fairy Tail's (might be a hit or miss for fans who prefer shorter arcs)
  • Fan Service - Fairy Tail has more T & A than One Piece until the time skip in One Piece. However, Fairy Tail went full on nudity with Lucy and the gang, more hot spring and beach scenes. Fairy Tail is quite liberal with clothing damage than One Piece. Lucy's clothes fall apart faster than Nami during battle.
  • No Lolis and Other Fetishes - I don't think One Piece has girls like Wendy Marvell. Fairy Tail caters to a wide variety of fetishes than One Piece. One Piece (after time skip) emphasizes on boobs. Fairy Tail got boobs, pettanko, maids, waitresses, and megane.
  • Fillers - It's hard to say. Fairy Tail had a huge filler arc at the end before the tournament arc. Fairy Tail doesn't do flashback fillers. I remember in Water Seven, One Piece did a few episodes that recap the Straw Hat crew's struggles.
  • Romance - You definitely have some shipping in both series. For One Piece, it's mostly unrequited love between Boa and Luffy. In Fairy Tail's case, part of the fun is with the cast who can be shipped and teased in many ways. Fairy Tail has more romance in it than One Piece.

Should FT Fans Try Toriko?

Toriko by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

The world is full of deliciously deadly ingredients that the wealthiest appetites in existence can't wait to devour. Toriko, the legendary Gourmet Hunter, is ready and willing to track down the rarest animals on the planet and put them on a plate!

Toriko is a different Shonen beast. Like One Piece, Toriko is about exploration with an emphasis on food. When I first read the premise, I was puzzled on how a show can be all about hunting the best ingredients and filling out one's Full Course Menu. A Full Course Menu is a Gourmet Hunter's dream menu. I admit it was awkward getting into Toriko, but I enjoyed it after reading the first few chapters. For the characters, One Piece and Fairy Tail's characters start off weak. For Toriko, I believe they start off strong. Toriko is well known due to his Four Heavenly King reputation I haven't read past chapter 80 or so, the Century Soup Arc. I might be wrong.

Quick Break on Toriko


  • Fight Scenes are pretty great and brief. Since I haven't got far in Toriko, I can't really confirm if Fairy Tail's fights are longer or shorter than Toriko's. The fights in Toriko are like One Piece. Characters will use their wits and their abilities to beat their enemies rather than powering up like in Natsu Dragneel's case.
  • A compassionate, weak character who is a Dude in Distress - Komatsu was one interesting side character. He remind me of Manta Oyamada (Shaman King) more than Krillin of DBZ. Fairy Tail does have weak characters, but they're not a key supporting character.
  • Toriko isn't sexist - I could be wrong here since Othus12 and the gang told me Tina was a damsel. I haven't watch past episode 10 in the anime. Since Fairy Tail has more girls, Lucy and some of the gals were damsels. Toriko actually had Komatsu do a bit of gender reversal role. Toriko doesn't rely on sex appeal for its audience. It's worth noting it. One Piece's Time Skip went with the fan service route, Nami, Boa, and Nico.
  • Story arcs - Fairy Tail and Toriko's are roughly the same length up to the part where I left off, but I could be wrong here.
  • Toriko has more bromance than Fairy Tail.


  • Fan Service - In this current era of anime, I'm surprised that Toriko has a huge male cast just like Dragon Ball Z. Most anime series you see out there have a cute gal who tags along with the male hero (IE: Ichigo and Rukia, Natsu and Lucy, and most harem series). Though, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball manage to deliver fan service and beautiful women. Being left off at the Century Soup Arc with 80 chapters in, Rin is the only predominant female character. For the anime, they introduce Tina. It depends on your tastes. Most Fairy Tail fans I know love T & A (some don't admit it, but I know they do), so most of them will find Toriko disappointing in this section.
  • Fillers - I leave this blank for Toriko fans.
  • Lack of Romance - I haven't seen much love. Fairy Tail's romantic relationships are fun to watch. Fans would ship characters. When I got into Toriko, the only person shipped was Rin and Toriko. Though, Toriko is like Goku and Luffy. Plus, Rin doesn't have much of a spotlight. It's hard to root for Rin.

I do want to make a table for Toriko and Fairy Tail's characters, but there isn't much similarities and not enough girls on Toriko's side.

Thank everyone for reading this blog. I hope you enjoy Toriko and One Piece. Feel free to drop a comment or a correction (since I wasn't far into Toriko).

TorikoSimilarities and DifferencesFairy Tail


  • Both Natsu and Toriko are oblivious to women's feelings for them. (IE: Toriko to Rin? and Natsu to Lucy (who's unsure).
  • Both are big eaters.
  • Both have a sharp sense of smell.


  • Toriko is human with superhuman qualities (Nail, Fork techniques) while Natsu's a Dragon Slayer with fire powers.
  • Occupations: Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter, and Natsu is a mage.
  • Weaknesses: I'm not sure about Toriko's weakness. Natsu has motion sickness.
  • Toriko is more mature than Natsu.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel


  • Both appeared often (anime for Tina only)
  • Both are damsels in distress
  • Both have pets. Lucy has Plue while Tina has Kruppoh.


  • Lucy has hots for Natsu, but she won't admit it. Tina and Toriko are friends, nothing more, but that's not what Rin feels about Tina and Toriko.
  • Occupation: Tina is a reporter while Lucy is a mage.
  • Tina is not a fighter.
  • Lucy wears more revealing outfits than Tina. Lucy's bustier than Tina.
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia


  • Both are side characters
  • Komatsu and Happy can't fend for themselves.
  • Both are Dudes in Distress


  • Komatsu's a chef while Happy is a flying, talking cat.
  • Happy got a girlfriend, Carla, but Carla doesn't reciprocate it back. Komatsu is single.
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This came sooner than i expected, a disappointing fairy tail chapter three chapters into an arc that had so much potential. Anyway, i do not know if you are reading this review after having read this fairy tail chapter or prior to it (which wouldn't make sense); but if it is prior and you are in the middle of opening that scanlation site to get to reading the chapter, i suggest you stop and run to Crunchy Roll instead.
If you have spent your Otaku life pretending to cry over your inability to show your appreciation to your favorite mangaka by accessing their their material officially, well you can no longer use the excuse of accessibility, at least not with 30 odd titles, because Crunchy roll now officially offers manga for your legal viewing pleasure, the company having entered into business with Kodanchi, which produces titles such as Fairy tail, Attack on Titan and Mysterious girlfriend X.
In other words you can now view these manga titles legally, giving back to the mangaka that deserves to receive compensation for the work they do, a simple matter of paying a measly $7 monthly subscription that will then grant you access to Fairy tail and more. Even if you wish to make the argument of finances Crunchy roll has on offer accounts free of subscription, limited especially in the sense that you can only view the most recent chapters, yet offering you all these titles legally for free. And again you are giving back to the mangaka, because free accounts come with ads that the company uses to compensate the mangaka.
So the next time you pick up Shingeki no Kyojin, see to it that you are doing so through the right means, otherwise you might lose your claim over the title Otaku. Besides, with crunchy roll you are getting the chapters at the exact same time they are being released in Japan; i would assume that to be a good thing if i knew the exact difference in time of release between Japan and the rest of the world. Anyway, Fairy tail….
Laxus arrives just in time to save his team and Yajima from Tempest. The two do battle. Laxus takes Tempest down in three hits. Tempest, surprised at the level of power conflicting with him, explodes into a black mist that proves detrimental to a mage’s health, seemingly destabilizing one’s magic. Tempest flees. Laxus sucks the black mist in before it can spread to the town.
The gang somehow returns to fairy tail. There lives are saved. Natsu declares war…

There are two points that i wish to make:
---One- this was an irritating chapter. Seriously Hiro spent the first two pages setting Tartaros up as the sort of enemy Fairy tail has been waiting to face.Earlier chapters even augured the possibility of this new arc taking place on a much grander scale. We saw Kyoukai decimate the entire Succubus eye guild, allowing us a glimpse of her true power.
Jackal massacred the entire magic council; and yet while allowing us a glimpse into the exact nature of Tartaros neither of those tasks were necessarily that impressive. This chapter, Tempest’s fight, was supposed to be Tartaros’ true test, to show to us just how badass they could be by going up against fairy tail. And all this chapter did was convince me that Tartaros falls far below Grimoire heart in rank.
I get it, Laxus is strong; but, three strikes? Really? That is all it took to take a demon of Zeref down? THREE FREAKIN STRIKES? I don’t know what Hiro is playing at with a chapter like this, but all the expectations i held for Tartaros as the true villain Fairy tail was waiting to come up against have gone out the window. But seriously, we are talking about a demon of Zeref, how does something supposed to be so powerful go down so easily. I didn’t need Laxus to lose, but i at least expected a fight of some sort, not what i saw in this chapter.
I was so excited about this new arc; but it seems like we are heading back into Daimatou Enbu territory, lots of build up, lots of potential but no payoff of any kind.
---Two- looking back on it now, 24 hours after reading it, this chapter wasn’t so bad. I was disappointed when i first read it, but a careful look at the chapter allows for some redeeming qualities to emerge. For one thing Laxus was awesome in this, technically being the strongest mage in Fiore outside of the masters and the four gods, having beaten Jura- and the four gods do not seem terribly strong considering how weak Warrod seemed; though we have yet to see him in battle so there might be more to his skills than meets the eye.
Besides, what would be the point of reading a manga that progresses along the exact same path that you would want it to? That would make it awfully predictable; the best manga are the ones that keep throwing you curve balls, that do the unexpected. So maybe it could be a good thing that Laxus prevailed; i hate shonen manga that follow that predictable route where team hero is trounced by an incredibly powerful foe, only to counter attack in the second half of the arc after acquiring some random and convenient power ups.
So maybe what we have isn’t a superior foe but an enemy on fairy tail’s level, allowing them to battle on equal terms, without relying on silly power ups. It depends on what Hiro has in mind, and maybe i will try to trust him with this arc. I just hope there is no aetherion or magical fires or energies for Natsu to consume, because i am tired of all these Fairy tail arcs ending the exact some way.
I came across some comments saying that this chapter indeed raises the stakes, that Fairy tail will eventually come up against Tartaros but with all their heavy hitters like Laxus, Mira Jane and Erza eliminated from the board, leaving the weaker members to contend with overwhelming odds. I hope that isn’t Hiro’s plan because i hate such stories, where a villain is only invincible because the strongest the protagonists have to offer happen to be absent.
It’s the reason i hate Gildartz’s absence. Because no matter how powerful a foe is you cannot help but think that Gildartz would wipe the floor with enemy A or B if he were present. I want an enemy that is powerful all around, a threat whether he is dealing with Lucy or Makarov.
What Tempest said was interesting. Just like a cat it seems he has multiple lives, because he killed himself to perform that attack.
RATING:> i cannot decide if this is a 1/5 or 4/5; so i will leave it unrated and decide on its quality based on future events, whether this leads to greater things. Natsu’s declaration about going to war felt weak. I would have hoped that by the time Fairy tail rose to stop Tartaros it would have been after taking heavy losses.
See my last review on ch. 357.

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This is the portion of a fairy tail arc where i say Fairy tail is on a roll and this could be the series’ best and most explosive arc yet. Now most times i would warn of being too hasty, this being fairy after all; yet the tone of this arc feels somewhat different, giving me hope that we might finally get an arc worth the fairy tail hype, not seen since the tower of heaven arc (which messed things up by reviving Erza; though Hiro was in an unfortunate situation because i would have lost interest if Erza had exited from the story).


The meeting of the demon gates commences, among the seven present demons, some of whom express anger at their preclusion from the scheme in play, Kyouka asking for patience and calm as the initiated strategy plays out. The seven have congregated at the Zeref shrine, speaking of the loyalty they share for their master.

Elsewhere the rainjinshu have been tasked with running a restaurant, a duty they execute in the company of Yamaji, former member of the Magic council; Laxus is absent. While discussing the recent events regarding Tartaros’ attack on the council, the restaurant is attacked and obliterated by the demon Tempest.

All the rainjinshuu are defeated, with Tempest then cornering his true target Yamaji; just as he squeezes the life out of the little man, he is struck by a bolt of lightening, signaling Laxus’ appearance. The two face off in battle…


It is difficult to read this the second chapter of the Tartaros arc and not experience some excitement at the prospect of a fairy tail arc that might actually produce some unpredictable surprises.

With two chapters, Hiro has allowed me to experience some genuine excitement about fairy tail, not hindered by my reservations over what the series has done in the past. True i am taking into consideration the possibility that Hiro is doing what he always does, create great set up chapters but fail to deliver an exciting story. However that isn’t stopping from property enjoying this chapter, as it normally would, the worry that any excitement i am feeling now Hiro will ruin by the halfway point.

The arc has so far set up Tartaros as a formidable guild, probably the most powerful enemy they have faced. It is worth pointing out that just because these demons are from the book of Zeref doesn’t automatically make them invincible; after all Lullaby was attested to being some unstoppable creature, only for fairy tail to annihilate him without breaking a sweat. It is unlikely that every demon Zeref created is a Deliora.

Each new chapter seems to focus on introducing a specific demon gate. We saw jackal eliminate the entire magic council; and now we are about to see Tempest take on laxus, because destroying the restaurant and the rest of the thunder club isn’t that great a feat. How Tempest does against Laxus, who took down god slayer Ogre with one punch- supposedly Saber tooth’s strongest mage- and defeated the strongest wizard saint, outside of the four gods, will determine how strong he is, or we think he is.

I am really hoping Hiro makes this fight both unpredictable and short; i do not want this continuing to a second or third chapter. The demon worship at the shrine makes you wonder if zeref is really giving the orders here. Sure he wasn’t looking too pleasant the last time we saw him; yet i doubt that he has anything to do with Tartaros’ actions, more like they are clinging to the image of the old Zeref that created them. But then again who summoned them out of the book.

I think when Zeref finally makes his move it will be something grand, beyond the scale of even Tartaros. You have to wonder why Tartaros is so hellbent on eliminating the council, going so far as to seek out an ex council member. This is more than just eliminating their authority, as Yamaji holds no political power at the moment. And if they are targeting all council members, past and present, that means they will be going after Urtear and Jellal, which should be interesting.

RATING: 5/5, great chapter, this is twice in a row that Hiro has managed to impress me and let’s hope he can keep the pace going.

Highlight: Tempest.

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I don’t know what Hiro is up to, giving us one of the dullest chapter in ages last week, then following it up with its complete opposite. This chapter was epic, exactly what it set out to be, a prologue to the Tartaros arc; though every time i begin to celebrate that Fairy tail is on its way back to greatness (if it ever was great) i am reminded of how good Hiro is at set up chapters, only to fail epically when it comes to actually delivering.


The chapter kicks off with a look at the past, the magic council discussing Fairy tail’s return, their impact on the tournament and the possibility of cancelling the Grand magic games. The subject turns to Tartaros, with news of many guilds in the Balam alliance, affiliated to Tartaros, being annihilated over night. A few counselors seem to find the news suspicious, the way it coincides with fairy tail’s return.

Other counselors defend fairy tail, one suggesting that Tartaros might actually be responsible for destroying its own partners, in some strange bid to gain power while cutting away the weaklings. The Chairman, Gran doma, suggests action similar to the alliance between guilds that brought Oracion Seis, another member of the Balam Alliance down.

This time it would be the counselors combining their magic to bring Tartaros down. It is then that news reaches them of an intruder; explosions, initiated by a demon named Jackal, tear through the building, and when the smoke clears, only Daron Bolt and Org Roshi are alive. Daron bolt tries to help Org Roshi, who orders him to run as he falls foul of Jackal’s exploding magic.

Back at fairy tail, the guild celebrates its win and informs Makarov of all they had learnt from the village of the sun moments before the news reaches them.

Elsewhere Daron bolt arrives at the snake slayer’s (forgot his name) cell, informs him of the death of the counselor, and demands he tells him all he knows about Tartaros. The slayer will not budge, not even when bolt puts a knife to his neck. He wants bolt to secure his and the rest of Oracon Seis’ release before he can provide any information.

He does however provide him with an important bit of information; that none of the nine demon gates are even human, not even silver, but rather they are all demons from the book of Zeref (just like Deliora) and E.N.D is their lord, the strongest demon Zeref ever made. We catch a glimpse of seven of the gates assembling for a meeting.


I haven’t read a fairy tail chapter as good as this in a very long while. Actually the last time a fairy tail chapter got me this excited was when Gray died during the Daimatou embu, and even that chapter was mostly dull except for the end. This chapter does an epic job of setting up this next Tartaros arc, and clearly Hiro aims to raise the stakes of the battle this time.

I do not think we have ever seen villains as strong as this in fairy tail before, besides Zeref himself and Achnologia of course. The fact is Deliora was so strong that a mage as powerful as Ur had to sacrifice herself to contain it. If any of these guys are anywhere near as powerful as that, then Fairy tail is going to need a lot of Nakama power ups to even make a dent in this particular force.

It is interesting that this time the bad guys had the foresight to attack first; and the fact that one demon could lay to waste the entire council says quite a lot, either that the council was indeed that weak or that jackal is that strong. Seeing Daron bolt take a knife to the slayer’s neck quickly heightened the dark tone of the chapter. Clearly he was willing to kill to avenge his friends.

That brings up the question of the snake slayer. The last time we saw him, he was out of prison, fighting along side fairy tail to stop the dragon rampage. Then rather than escape, he handed himself back to the authorities and was returned to his jail cell. He clearly hinted to have heard something with his abilities in the time he was free and that led him to return to prison.

It is plausible that he knew of the Tartaros plot and, rather than gaining freedom all by himself, he thought to leverage his information for the release of his friends in the future. But that is another thing that doesn’t make sense. Oracion seis have never been the best of friends, despite being in the same guild. I do not see the snake slayer putting his life on the line to save them from their incarceration. So he clearly has something else in mind.

I am surprised by the deaths in this chapter; sure not exactly important characters, but none the less, people do not die in Fairy tail and that has always been one of its greatest weaknesses, its failure to go the extra mile and actually show the consequences of facing a powerful threat. Knowing that characters will not die in any situation usually innervates the sense of danger.

This time round Hiro might be moving to change that. This arc just might be what the Grand magic games arc was supposed to be but failed terribly, the best arc in fairy tail history.

It was interesting seeing silver in color; he didn’t look anything like Gildartz. More interesting though is the revelation that he isn’t human. That puts a spin on the devil slayer concept. Now we know why a devil slayer would hang around demons in the first place, and it makes you wonder if a devil slayer even exist. The way i see it silver is probably just a devil who is a slayer rather than a being that uses devil slayer magic per say.

It is like calling Igneel, a dragon, a dragon slayer because he can use dragon magic; it wouldn’t the biggest surprise if it turned out that Silver is actually a dragon slayer.

RATING:> 5/5, like i said this is the best chapter i have read in a very long long long while. And i know, Hiro is awesome at set ups but almost always fails to deliver in the end; but i will hold onto hope that that will not be the case this time.

HIGHLIGHT: jackal, that last page.

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| |

Another short fairy tail chapter.

Really, only three things happened:

---First we learnt that the eternal flame hadn’t disappeared but rather it had simply shrunk to a size so small that it might disappear. Natsu was needed to reignite it.

---Secondly Natsu continued his battle with the black bird, ending things on the alter of the eternal flame and using some powerful flame attacks to defeat the creature and ignite the flame.

---Thirdly, the flame grew to a healthy size and we realized that it was Atlas flame.


A lot of this chapter was irrelevant, though entertaining. The fight with Natsu took up most of the pages but it was actually worth the panels in showcasing some of Natsu’s new moves.

Atlas flame was the primary attraction here though, and i have to say that though i considered this particular option, it was none the less a surprise. Now i am curious as to how he ended up in his current state. This is Nastu’s chance to finally learn what happened to the dragons 14 years ago. I suspect that a lot of next week’s chapter will be dialogue, but that isn’t a bad thing, either that or we will finally get to Erza Vs. Minerva.

RATING:> 3/5, pretty entertaining chapter, though little story progression.

Highlight:> Strangely enough it was the fight with the bird that i most enjoyed.

| |

Aaaaaaah, Hiro went ahead to do exactly what i was praying he would do his best to avoid.Suddenly this arc looks like it is going to take a more comedic cutesy turn.


Last week the hunters bested fairy tail. This week find out that, following Natsu’s disbelief that mere humans without magic could defeat magical opponents, the hunters are not as average as assumed and are actually champions of the hunter guilds’ version of the Daimatou Enbu, making them fairy tail’s equal at least as far as accolades are concerned. Gray still manages to steal the moon drip which they go on to pass around among themselves as they avoid the hunters until it gets to Happy’s turn.

The exceed drops the bottle, causing panic. But as predicted it only melts a small portion of the ice on the ground and from beneath Natsu hears a voice using his enhanced senses which he says is familiar. He runs off to find it as everyone else follows, eventually colliding with the mage that was with Minerva on her first appearance in this arc. Before Natsu can react, the mage reverts him to his younger self, making him less of a threat.

Elsewhere Erza grapples with her tiny size and searches for a solution.


First the good bits: i am starting to like Sylph Labyrinth. They are proving to be very capable mages. I actually didn’t realize it last time that the hunters were human. I assumed they were somehow manipulating magic through their gadgets. The fact that they managed to hold fairy tail off so easily without magic makes them that much more impressive. I liked the bit about the hunters’ tournament, proving that they are just as capable as fairy tail, who are magic champions.

It took everyone way too long to figure out the fact that the moon drip was too little to prove useful. But i liked the comedic elements it injected into the scenes, especially when happy dropped the bottle and he asked Natsu to spank him. Erza’s scenes were funny enough, especially when she was imagining how different her life would be if she couldn’t revert to her normal age.

What i didn’t like was the age reversing bit. I am starting to fear that this is going to turn into a chibi arc. And i am not saying that it automatically means Hiro will mess up. Just that i have never seen a chibi related arc or saga execute well on screen. I will commend Hiro though. I still can’t predict where this story is going and that is good. If there is one place fairy tail goes wrong, it is when it becomes too predictable to be enjoyable.

I am starting to think that the enemy mage shrank Natsu and Erza because he heard from Minerva just how dangerous fairy tail was. That makes him seem weak though.

RATING:>3/5; overall a decent chapter, even though i didn’t like where it seemed to be going.

Highlight: Happy’s dropping of the bottle, the reactions of everyone.

| |

I am really starting to regain my faith in Fairy tail. Obviously that makes me naive because anyone that has read fairy tail extensively knows that Hiro never does anything new. None the less i am choosing to have hope in this new arc.

I enjoyed this chapter. Story wise, we didn't get anyway, but not every chapter of a manga series is able to create a natural pacing in story while constantly making new revelations. For now i am comfortable.


Thinking about it, little happened. The chapter starts off with fairy tail pursuing sylph labyrinth for the moon drip. The dialogue here i mostly comedic. The hunters complain that they went through quite a lot to acquire the moon drip and it wouldn't serve their interests to give it up so easily.

They eventually stop fleeing and engage fairy tail, proving to be a formidable force. Fairy tail quickly realizes that they will have to take the fight seriously after the trio deflects there attacks.

Elsewhere Erza does a bit of investigation, discovering that the giants had been heading into the mountains when they were frozen, clearly armed and ready to fight against something.

At the mountain top, she discovers something and before she can react, she finds herself transformed a younger version of herself.


As i mentioned above, this was a fun chapter, compounding upon the quality of the last six chapters. The art was great and again i am not sure if it's me who has never paidmuch attention to fairy tail art or Hiro has really kicked his skills into another gear.

The story stalled in this chapter to focus on the action and that didn't bother me because as far as action chapters go, this was pretty good. I liked the uniqueness of the different mages, the giant fist like gadget and its potency against Natsu's flames, the sword with the stretching abilities, perfectly complimenting the sword skills and agility the mage wielding it displayed against Gray's ice attacks, and the sniper attacks that debilitated Lucy's arrow based summon.

I was afraid these guys would prove to be no different from the Garou knights, all talk and no bite. But i was pleasantly surprised when they put up a good fight. And, as mentioned above, the art in these action scenes was superb. One of the reasons i enjoy reading fairy tail is how fluidly displayed the action scenes are.

I do not know what to think about the Erza twist.

If all the characters end up reverting to their child like selves, i will not be happy. Those sort of clichés do not impress me. Clearly this is linked to the eternal flame which i assume Erza found located behind ice. whatever the case, i hope Hiro has a good story in store for me.

So far i have nothing to complain about.

MY RATING: 4/5, this was a decent chapter, short and concise. I cannot complain.

HIGHLIGHT: The fight between fairy tail and the hunters. Lucy looks like she is in for a beating once more. I am curious as to how they are going to deal with the sniper.

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Anime Caption Contest -- 12/26/14

Last Caption Contest of the Year, New Year's Day Theme!


Wow... even the Narrator is taking pot-shots at him.

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