Natarle Badgiruel

Natarle Badgiruel is a anime/manga character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Throughout most of the series Natarle is a rather cold person who only cares about loyalty to the earth alliances although she is shocked upon hearing that her superiors were planning to sacrifices her former crewmates along with the Eurasian forces at the battle of JOSH-A but only after the earth alliances destroy Boaz with nuclear missiles does Natarle begin to question whether or not she is doing that right thing.When Azrael orders the Dominion to kill captain Ramius as well as her former crew members does she defy his orders.


Natarle is a child of military family she is a promising earth alliances officer.Stationed on Orb's Heliopolis colony as part of  the few survivors when ZAFT's forces team Le Creust team raid the colony to take the new weapons that are hidden there.Natarle becomes executive officer of the Archangel also supervises ships combat info center.Natarle makes the decision about letting Kira Yamato who's a coordinator stay on the ship this followed by Murrue Ramius disagreement. She is sterin and at sometimes cold person who follows by the book but as knack for swift decision making followed by top notch tactical analyst with keen judgement . 
One of the first incidents happen when when Natarle threatens Lacus clyne to stop ZAFT forces after they've destroy the Atlantic Federation fleet.The next time it happens when the Archangel meets with Admiral Lewis Halberton and his eighth fleet.Natarle says that they can't afford to let Kira off or leave the ship so they should instead take his parents for hostage.Halberton disapproves of this and rebukes her,these action cause tension between Captain Ramius & her. 

The Dominion

Natarle is transferred to assignment on shore and leaves the Archangel and is promoted to Lt.Commander and once again resigned this time to the Dominion as it's captain.A representative from the defense committee Muruta Azrael comes to the Dominion as an observer.He states that they are to hunt down the Archangel and destroy it.At first she try's to talk her former crew memebers by telling them to come back to the alliances however Captain Ramius refuses saying she highly doubts about the alliances entirety.Azrael then mocks Natarle for trying to solve such a thing by talking shortly afterwards he orders the Forbidden,Raider and Calmity to attack.Natarle's strategies they mange to outmaneuver the Archangel but have harder time when the Eternal and Kusanagi are support firing. 

Battle of Jachin Due  

During the final stages of the battle ZAFT launches a life pod that has Flay allster inside it whos carrying information on the Neutron Jammer Canceler. Azrael soon puts this info to use by getting nuclear weapons to fire at the PLANT's. The Dominion soon joins the alliances fleet forces to engage the whole ZAFT forces. The alliances forces fire the nuclear weapons at the PLANT's but are taken out by the Freedom and Justice,no sooner is that done does ZAFT show there super weapon the GENENSIS this weapon takes out the entire fleets and the Ptolemaios base on the moon.Upon seeing this Natarle quickly wants to get ride of ZAFT's weapon but Azrael is far to obsessed with destroying the PLANT's to care about it. He goes such lengths to make sure Natarle does what he wants by threatening to shoot her.The Archangel then comes into view and Azrael demands that she take down that ship of traitors. As a result both ships were heavily damaged. Flay who is currently a communication officer at the time try's to warn her fellow crew members,Azrael takes notices of this and pulls his gun out at a tempt to shoot her. 
Natarle manges to grab him and tells Flay and the other crew members to get off the ship and ahead towards the Archangel. As soon as the crew members are safely off the ship Azrael manges to escape Natarles's grip and shoots her several times,he assumes shes dead and try's to fire the remaining Lohengrin at the Archangel however he is stop by Natarle. During this time the Archangel fires there own Lohengrin at the Dominion causing it to explode killing Natarle and Azrael.
Voiced by
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Houko Kuwashima
General Information Edit
Name: Natarle Badgiruel
Name: ナタル・バジルール
Romanji: Nataru Bajirūru
Gender: Female
Birthday: 12/24/1945
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed #1
1st anime movie:
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