NARUTO Ch. 679 Review

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The fact anyone even took this line seriously is hilarious.
The fact anyone even took this line seriously is hilarious.

Madara has been replaced by the reincarnation of Kaguya. She plans to bring silence and peace to the world by ending humanity. Only Naruto and Sasuke hold the key to her defeat.

The Good

This chapter has an interesting enough twist at one point. It seems to be suggesting that all those White Zetsu that the Shinobi Alliance has been so thoughtlessly slaughtering during this entire war as cannon fodder were at one time humans who had been altered by their exposure to the Divine Tree. That in itself is an interesting moral dilemma, but I'm doubting that will even be remotely touched upon in the coming chapters. It also doesn't make a lot of sense, but we'll get to that in the next segment.

The Bad

I get this weird feeling that there is this gaping hole in the plot. Some of the more cynical readers may be thinking, "Which of the various holes could that be?" It's the issue about Kaguya, the Divine Tree, and the White Zetsu. From what the previous history has shown us, Kaguya was a princess who ate the fruit of the divine tree and that gave her chakra, then the tree became the Ten-Tails to reclaim its stolen power. It was uncontrollable until Hagoromo sealed it within himself. When did Kaguya ever have control of the divine tree to hold people in the past and form them into White Zetsu? Didn't Hagoromo defeat the Ten-Tails and not his mother? At what point did they become one in the same thing?

I can only assume that Madara is now unceremoniously swept out of the picture as the villain. So, what was the point of the previous few years of the series? I haven't even the slightest of clues. The fact the Infinite Tsukuyomi has this undisclosed side effect gives an implication that Madara was sold a bad set of goods. Thus implying that he's also been manipulated. ** Insert sound of my head hitting the table **

Verdict 2/5

I think Kishimoto has honestly written himself into so many circles that he's completely lost the plot of his own timeline. I don't see any way that this was even remotely planned out ahead of time. It's as if Kishimoto needed to figure out some threat other than being stuck in a fantasy world and just made up the idea that being stuck inside Infinite Tsukuyomi transforms your body, as well.

Maybe I've been watching too many of those Cinema Sins videos, but why is Kaguya even giving Naruto and Sasuke a chance? If she's strong enough to suddenly drag everyone down into the ground to a pit of lava before they can even react, why not just throw them in while she's at it? Why did she bring Sakura and Kakashi along? Did she want an audience?

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Hmm, I feel Kishimoto did this because he didn't know how to defeat Madara. Now, they have an chance at beating Kaguya because Madara would help them.

I still don't get why Kaguya take over, the planet look ok.

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Well this is turning out to be another LOST isn't it

We may even get a similar ending where it was never really about the story.......smh

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No idea what Kishimoto is trying to do at all.

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