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I didn't ask for your hands, but I like the love, anyway.
I didn't ask for your hands, but I like the love, anyway.

Naruto has chosen to take the path set before him by destiny and save the world from Madara's twisted dream.

The Good

This panel alone must have taken a good chunk of time.
This panel alone must have taken a good chunk of time.

For as much as I'm falling away from the story of NARUTO, I'm not going to just pile on the criticism to every single aspect of this chapter. This has some solid art that you can really tell that Kishimoto poured some serious heart and effort into nearly every panel. This must have taken a lot of time and late hours to keep this on schedule.

I originally thought that Obito was only putting the Nine-Tails back into Naruto, but it appears he's been given some of all the nine Biju. Wouldn't that put him only a few steps below where Madara currently stands in power? This could turn into a pretty amazing battle. Providing we're done with this backstory stuff.

The Bad

Did these two ever have a choice?
Did these two ever have a choice?

I think the SOUTH PARK episode parodying the movie INCEPTION said it best. "Just because you make something complicated doesn't make it smart!". It is astoundingly disappointing that Kishimoto has not only taken the path of Naruto being "The Child of Prophesy", but now he's also the reincarnation of theSage of Six Paths' youngest son. Before everyone starts flying off the handle. How can you really be that perturbed when he's only doing what so many other writers tend to end up?

What makes this worse for NARUTO is that it cuts the legs out of much of the protagonist's early era. Think of that battle with Neji. He wasn't some loser, who overcame a challenge through his hard work and drive. He was destined to be great from his very birth to play a role in some cosmic farce that the Sage of Six Paths has watched repeat itself.

Why do writers always seem to think that's a great thing to do with their heroes? You're character is no longer relatable to the "average person". They're never going to learn the lesson of dedication for your dream. The only thinking this kind of story does is teach the young audience that if you aren't born great you will never achieve greatness.

I could go on with more problems I had with this issue, but I'm choosing to end the cycle of negativity for this week here. I'll leave it to the readers to discuss the events further.

Verdict 2/5

It seems it has become about time to just emotionally check out of NARUTO. Kishimoto has basically betrayed the original premise of Naruto reaching grandeur through his effort and support of his friends. However, just remember that he's doing what nearly every writer does at some point. It makes it hard to be too critical of this choice.

I very seriously would have rated this chapter as a 1 out of 5, if it hadn't been for the art. There are some really amazing looking panels in this chapter that have some great detail. Come for the art, and if you just want to breeze through the story. I wouldn't hold it against you.

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Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt /

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Well, my opinion is not ruled by what every writer does, so there's a COLOSSAL critical dissonance here, even if you also think the chapter was mediocre.

This is abysmal. When Madara dropped a meteor on the Alliance Ninja, I thought that was a question of time before some fodder, someone weak, someone MEANINGLESS, god, even some MINOR THING would put an end to him, because he is was a giant machine of ARROGANCE. In that case, I was thinking in what every writer does, because the point of giving a villain a superiority complex was to him be defeated by something he would call weak, even if just in his POV. That's what A TYPICAL WRITER DOES, by the way.

But no. He didn't get defeated. His arrogance didn't disappear. He didn't suffer a breakdown.

Why? Because Kishimoto made him right. Everyone that isn't an Ashura or Indra's reincarnation is in fact an insect. Fodders. everyone. Fodders. And by that I mean (Gary Oldman voice) EVERYOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!

It1's just frustrating.

PS:Someone is already going to question me and say that was obvious, but well, genius, why will not go back 800 years and discover the America YOURSELF! Why you not go back 3 years and prove that Tobi is Obito! God, go to the point when Kakashi was killed in the Pain arc and say that EVERYONE WILL BE RESURRECTED BECAUSE NARUTO WILL CONVINCE PAIN TO DO IT!

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I didn't read the chapter, but I was curious since I am taking a hiatus from Naruto. Seems like my hiatus was a good decision. As you said, if Naruto was "destined" to do everything he has done so far then it makes his journey a farce. Even his rivalry with Sasuke is a farce. And what the hell was the Sage doing during the war if he was "watching"?

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Can't wait for Sage Naruto and Sasuke vs Sage Madara. I think Madara is going too pull out some crazy attacks.

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I wondering what Neji would feel about this, I guess that why Kishimoto kill him off. I always hated that Naruto was child of prophecy, it just destroy the first half

I do like the art, but I disappointed were the story is going.

Also Sage, if you can talk to your sons reincarnations. Then why can't you tell them to stop fighting or send them to their room. It is his fault this is happening

Sigh, this chapter make me what to watch Avatar

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I hate the fact that to make characters uber strong in one sitting like this. We all knew Naruto was gonna be the child of prophecy, let's be honest. But I also thought that he would overcome these great foes by also training his hardest and gaining power on his own. NOPE. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING power wise has been handed to him. The Kyuubi would always end up giving him power, and now when everyone's getting their asses kicked aside from Guy, he gets handed ANOTHER power up. Ugh, give me a break. At least Ichigo trained most of the time for what he does.

What made this even WORSE was that Sausuke just happens to be the other brother. And is now also getting a power up. FUUUUUUU*K I hate hate HATE Sausuke! He is the worst character in the series. And I'm pissed at Kishimoto for trying to make us like him. FU*K that, he's an asshole no matter how I look at him. I was really hoping he'd die and fade into memory.

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As I've mentioned this topic last week, MovieBob spent an episode of his show The Big Picture talking about how overused and played out destiny is in movies in relation to the new TMNT movie's trailer and how Hollywood just uses it as a crutch out of laziness.

Despite Naruto being a Manga and in Japanese origin and utilizing the tropes more associated there, Bob's argument clearly still applies and it astounds me on the level of how much it does. Kishimoto is obviously just as tired of his own series as we are at this point and just used destiny as a lazy crutch to move the plot along. Why he feels the need to pad out the war for as long as he did before he got to this point, I have no clue. It's the only thing that kinda contradicts this theory of mine since if he wanted to end this arc in a hurry, he would've done so by now.

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