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I'm confused. Am I suppose to take this seriously anymore?
I'm confused. Am I suppose to take this seriously anymore?

To oppose the power of a god bent on world domination, all you really need is heart, the power of youth, and a change in color scene. It'sMight Guy vs. Madara Uchiha!

The Good

Too little that is far too late.
Too little that is far too late.

After some deep contemplation, yoga, and meditation, I think I may have filtered out some of the negativity this chapter left me with to find the positive aspects.

Everything is well up to Kishimoto's usually standards in the area of the art, and his action is well coordinated. I also wager that a reader will surely be excited if you're a Might Guy fan. That's pretty much all I have for you.

The Bad

The power of a god is nothing compared to his personal grooming.
The power of a god is nothing compared to his personal grooming.

I quite honestly don't know where to begin here. So much defies belief and reason. I could talk about how ludicrous it is that Kabuto of all people has appeared to help, but I'm afraid I'd just end up repeating the details from last week of how no one in this series can seem to remain a villain. Let's leave that well worn ground as it is for today, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the comments, if you wish. Instead, there's something much more glaring that I find troubling in this chapter.

Kishimoto honestly expects me to believe that the "entire" Shinobi Alliance is being held back by Spiral Zestu, but Might Guy, who couldn't stand on his own two feet moments ago, is able to push back the God-level Madara in his Sage of Six Path Mode? This was the guy who defeated five Kage and all the Bijusingle-handedly. However, Naruto, aided by the full Nine-Tails chakra and his Sage Mode, struggled to even touch the Ten-Tails Obito with assistance of Sasuke and several resurrected Hokage. Trying to find reason behind this incredible discrepancy is almost physically painful.

In fact, I think I know a great comparison. You know when they make all those fighting games based on other properties, and you have characters that, in fiction, are grossly outmatched but able to still win a fight? How does Yamcha defeat Perfect Cell, or how doesBatman take a hit from Superman? The writers for the game either pull some MacGuffin out of their hat, or the audience just shouldn't take a game so seriously. Kishimoto appears to have been playing the NARUTO games a bit too much recently.

Verdict 1/5

If I wasn't reviewing NARUTO for the site, I would seriously be considering dropping this series for a few months and catching up later. Perhaps....even going so far as to wait for the manga to end entirely. I've come too far to not know how this all wraps up. Events, abilities, and powers just have absolutely no meaning in this series anymore. I'm not going to make any claims that it's irredeemable or beyond hope of getting better. I'm just tired. This story has mentally exhausted me.

Now, please excuse me to go beat my head into the wall to try and numb my emotional pain.

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About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt /

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I understand the Kabuto part, he was in Itachi's Izanami that make him realize who he is (better then Obito being talk out of it). I have no problems with that.

But, Madara being weak to a punch in the face is really silly. It feel like Madara become a Normal type Pokemon LOL!

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So wait you have been reading and watching Naruto and you are complaining about the overuse of the power of heart.....I mean after like the first arc that part of it got so annoying for me my only interaction with Naruto is commenting (trolling?) here now...

Post by Destinyheroknight (10,512 posts) See mini bio Level 21


Well, in the early parts. They wasn't fighting Godlike beings

Also, really? I have nothing else better to do then commenting (trolling?) LOL!

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WHAT ANNOYS ME IS THAT THE TWO PEOPLE WHO STARTED THIS WAR OBITIO AND KABUTO ARE NOW ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF IT...-_- and yes man after the 5 kage and naruto and sasuke full power obito walks right up to the damn man and lands a bloww...i'm kinda lost for words for naruto lately... althoough i do enjoy the might guy stuff and i hope he doesnt die i honestly dont see the need for kishimoto to kill off guy

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The part that bothers me about Kabuto is that he seemed to escape that mental prison incredibly fast. Though it's been maybe a year and a half since that chapter was published. No more than a few hours could have passed since he was caught in it. Yet he gets out within the span of a day and has a completely new look on life.

What adds to the silliness is that it was only a chapter or two ago that Guy needed assistance to even stand on his feet.

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Looks like Kishimoto's written himself into a corner with bringing back Madara and turning him into a God Mode Sue.

Post by Destinyheroknight (10,512 posts) See mini bio Level 21


I believe Kabuto's perception of time was alter, he probably was in the loop for months. Remember when Itachi trap Kakashi in Tsukuyomi for days, but it was only a couple of seconds that past in real time. So it just basically Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff

Yeah, it feel like Kishimoto just wanted to show off the Ninth Gate before Naruto ends. He did that with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist (I still mad at that). I also feel sorry for Lee and Tenten, half of their team die. Also Guy using Ninth Gate is kind of pointless, Madara can fly. He can easily do what Crocodile did in Alabasta, let the fool waste his live. But I know Madara just going to get hit by Guy's attacks

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Well, without intentionally sounding condescending i got nuttin but respect for you guys being loyal to this franchise as just reading chapter mummeries for the story are just so painful after dropping the series years ago due to the pacing / bad writing

One of my favourite analytical manga reviewers always does a good job breaking these chapters down intelligently

Video contains some strong language, check it out

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@Destinyheroknight: It allows me to nominally keep up with the plot of the manga and the write ups are fun (and it doesn't take long).

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"all the Biju single-handedly."

And that was where MY suspension of disbelief hit the ground. No Sage Mode in the world will make me believe that Madara should have survived the first hit by Kurama's tail. Much less the rest, including Susanoo....WITHOUT EYES!

Sorry by the caps, but I think I had to emphasize how ridiculous that was. Every time.

And considering of how much I want Madara to be defeated as fast as possible, Guy keeping up with him is a thing that I can easily overlook.

Kabuto......Thanks god he mentioned Itachi as little he possibly can. I'm really fed up with Itachi by now.

I waited six years for that gate...And I want to see it. You don't know how much. This is the moment that I waited for. I don't care if Sakura ends up Sakura. In this moment....I'm truly happy.

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5/5 chapter imo. This is power level battle shonen at its best. I think the most important thing this type of manga can do is keep the viewer enthralled with fights that keep getting more and more grand, Naruto is doing that leagues better than the other HST titles at the moment imo.

Also Gai holding back Madara reminds me of Tenshinhan holding back Cell.

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