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Naruto got biju blocked by Black Zetsu.
Naruto got biju blocked by Black Zetsu.

Sakura's efforts to keep Naruto alive may all be for naught if the other half of the Nine-Tails isn't transplanted into Naruto soon. However, things won't be so easy while enemies surround our heroes from all directions.

The Good

With great power comes great impatience.
With great power comes great impatience.

For as predictable as the Nine-Tails transplant was, I really have to appreciate that Kishimoto doesn't make it easy. I certainly didn't see that twist coming. It raises the tension up a few more levels and puts the hero's survival in question. That's some good drama.

Although, I can't help but chuckle at how absurd the situation turns out. Minato is moments away from transplanting his half of Kurama into Naruto, and Black Zetsu basically just leaps between them. You'd think transferring a Biju would be a touch more complex to be foiled so easily.

While my prediction may have been correct in intent, the outcome never came to pass. With the reappearance of the Sage's Tools, I may have another idea of where this could be going. Lee, Guy, andTenten will show up with the tools, and inside the urn are Ginkaku and Kinkaku, who both possess the Nine-Tail's chakra. It may at least work as life support.

The Bad

Too soon, Tenten, too soon.
Too soon, Tenten, too soon.

The way this chapter started out, I could have easily mistaken it for a chapter of ROCK LEE AND HIS NINJA PALS. It's not that the comedy beats were all that bad this issue, but it crossed the line of an unwritten rule. You shouldn't make jokes about a character's death within the same arc that they died. Ultimately, I can't be too harsh about this scene. There's now hope for Samui's rescue, and that makes me happy.

It's not that the scene is bad, but I'm a bit tired of all of Minato and Kushina's flashbacks basically just always boiling down to "I'm his father. I'm his mother." every single time. While the setting may be different, I feel as if I've seen it three times by now. I get it. You're his parents.

Verdict 3/5

We've had some good to decent chapters these past few weeks, but Kishimoto is really starting to drag things on for far too long at this point. I almost wonder if I'd like these events more if it hadn't taken this long to get here. The comedy is a bit misplaced, the flashback feels like a flashback of a previous one, but the heart of the plot is what's the most entertaining here. It's good to pull the rug out from under your reader's expectations. He certainly pulled it off in this week's edition. What will happen next now that the villains have everything they wanted? I'm actually looking forward to next week.

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It's like Kishimoto can't let the plot progress without diverting it at least once.

Oops...I said I wasn't going to continue reading Naruto. Okay, maybe now I won't.

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Wow, Madara just give the good guys away to beat him. Also that part didn't make sense to me, those jars was energy and should have been weightless

Guy, Lee and Tenten feel like they are out of place.

I really feel if the characters wasn't act dumb, the villains won't be on top. Minato should have knew his son was in trouble when that stone thing came out of Tobi

I not looking forward to the next chapter

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I like how you say its draggin on every chapter review lol but..thats the truth i agree. I didn't see the bijuu interception by black zetsu coming though.

Something else thats bothering me is the person who is standing by sasuke that they feel inclined to keep teasing us then not showing who it is. that's getting annoying.

The fact that madara hasn't had a real threat through out this whole war is also bothersome. the kage lost to him.the first hokage. naruto.sasuke. the list goes on. hes def the aizen of this story.

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