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Always remember to be sure to spat and neuter your Biju.
Always remember to be sure to spat and neuter your Biju.

Not to settle for his original body back, Madara has stolen the chakra of Hashirama, and now he looks to reseal the Biju all over again, and he plans to do this all by himself.

The Good

Well, not that's settled then.
Well, not that's settled then.

The chapter has a certain level of scale, and the threat is certainly increasing. However, the threat has been increasing incrementally for the past nine months. Something ends, then it starts back up again. No matter how well illustrated this all may be. I'm very much getting tired of this story, and that's about as positive as I feel about this chapter.

The Bad

This is easily one of the most ridiculously convenient abilities I've ever seen in this series.
This is easily one of the most ridiculously convenient abilities I've ever seen in this series.

Does imitation still count as flattery when you're just repeating yourself? First, the Akatsuki were sealing the Biju, then Obito, and now Madara is trying it all over again. Yet this is suppose to be all according to some grand design. It's bad enough that this arc is just continuing to drag with no end in sight. This repeating spin cycle is really getting on my last good nerve. On top of that, we're expected to believe that Madara has the ability to chain, leash, and absorb nine Biju all by his lonesome. A task that took all the Akatsuki together to accomplish.

I think it's safe to call now. Madara is the Aizen of NARUTO. Much like with Aizen, he seems to pull out the most convenient ability just as he needs it. It's not as if I'm not open to fantasy, but I'm expected to believe that with a single look he can now bash around all the Biju with some incredible unseen force? It then has the added effect of making them all vulnerable enough to be resealed with one hit. Talk about a power of convenience. Limbo Hengoku might as well translate to "Biju Instant Defeat Jutsu".

Verdict 2/5

Just how many climaxes can one arc have? That seems to be the question Kishimoto is challenging his audience with in this extended trail. But is this a test for the hero or the audience? I just fear that he's stretching the imagination a tad too far here. Somewhere out on this battlefield is an army that managed to restrain the revived Ten-Tails and several Kage -- living and deceased. I wish they'd do something about now.

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The irony is that Madara has been defeated before. How strong was the First Hokage?

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Wow, if Madara was in charge from the beginning, there Moon plan would have happen a long time ago. There no one that can stop him now

I don't get why Kakashi and Minato not attacking Black Zetsu, Obito is a dead man and they was going to let him kill himself just a chapter ago. Also how is Obito have enough power to resist Black Zetsu?

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At this point I'm starting to dislike Kakashi and Minato somewhat. They're essentially preventing Obito from getting killed again. It's Minato's fault that Obito was alive for Madara to control. Also they're risking Black Zetsu getting the eye for Madara so that Obito, the man who betrayed them and tried to kill them both (actually is responsible for Minato's death) can live a tiny bit longer even though he's going to die shortly. Also where were the kage when Madara attacked Naruto, Bee and Gaara? Hashirama was weakened and Minato is with Obito, but Tobirama, Hiruzen, Tsunade and the other kage Ei, Onoki and Mei are all there. And there was ANOTHER mini flashback. I think Kishimoto tried to do too much with this arc and now he's somewhat overwhelmed.
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@Lurkero: After being defeated by the first Hokage Madara got stronger. He mixed himself with the first's DNA and unlocked the rinnegan.

@taichokage: I belive Kakashi and Minato are way too weak at this point to even try to fight, Minato hasn't recover since he was cutted and Kakashi spend a lot of time inside Obito (and took him a lot of Chakra to get out of there -not to mention he used Kamui in this chapter). But about the other kages... yeah, i don't know where they are either. I guess they will help Naruto eventually but I'm with you that they could have done something already. Like two weeks ago, when Sasuke was the only one attacking the resurected Madara while the others were watching and doing absloutely nothing. It's like "dude you have two teenagers fighting they're asses off against the biggest threat your world has ever faced, get your shit together and DO SOMETHING".

But that's how Shonen works I guess.

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@tximinoman: I think it should take more than the Rinnegan to establish god-like power. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Madara obliterated the planet.

Also, Pain was powerful, but he wasn't THAT powerful.

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It seems that Madara having the Rinnegan at his prime age plus Mokuton is so powerful that he may exceed Juubito. I've been thinking this for a few weeks now. I think it's a bit crazy that any shinobi could exceed a Jinchuuriki of the Jubi (even if it had a little chakra missing), but then again it's Madara, and he has the 2 most notorious Kekkei Genkai at their pinnacle level.
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