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Being blind wont stop Madara Uchiha from hunting and claiming all the collected Biju for his own purpose, but they don't plan on being sealed away again without putting up a fight.

The Good

Did anyone else enjoy this as much as me?
Did anyone else enjoy this as much as me?

My frustrations with the directions of the series put to the wayside. This chapter was far more enjoyable than it has been. Perhaps it's because the emphasis of this edition is more focused on some rather impressively drawn battle and less on advancing any plot. One can just live in the now and bask in the brutality of the Biju playing hacky sack with Madara.

The outcome of this one-sided battle has a rather therapeutic result. Madara has been such a source of annoyance resently. Perhaps Kishimoto was sensing that and wanted to give the audience a little cathartic joy. However, I more suspect this is just serving as a preamble to Madara turning the tables on an almost ridiculous scale.

The Bad

There has to be limits to being tough.
There has to be limits to being tough.

I know Madara is suppose to be a shinobi of near mythical scale, but I'm having a hard time believing the newly revived Uchiha is this durable. The Biju are suppose to be chakra incarnate. I'm sure they aren't as powerful as the Ten-Tails, but surely they must be at least one-ninth as strong, then this power is multiplied when attacking together. I could've believed this was possible with the Edo Tensei form but not so much with flesh and bone.

Verdict 4/5

A great chapter with a lot of fun. Well illustrated action really is the bread and butter of this series, and Kishimoto put in some serious work on this week's issue. I'm just concerned that this chapter exists just to make Madara's coming counter-attack appear much more impressive now that he has a Rinnegan. Let's just set that side, live in the now, and enjoy what is a fun chapter.

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I still want to know how Madara was able to use Susanoo without eyes. I thought that was kind of a requirement.

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What I want to know is WHY the bijuu thought 'hey let's just curb stomp him instead of blowing him the f**k up with our bombs' and then didnt try to do so after it was obvious it didnt work

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They didn't want to kill Gaara or the other ninjas near by

Madara is at Aizen levels of overpower (but did like him getting his butt handed to him)

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Well, this is just ridiculous.

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That's actually a good point.

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