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First one to Obito gets all the credit.
First one to Obito gets all the credit.

Obito is defenseless on the ground and defeated. His life is in the hands of the Shinobi Alliance, but who will be the one to seal his fate?

The Good

Could Kakashi return like that at any time?
Could Kakashi return like that at any time?

A vast improvement that we have over the previous weeks is in the set pieces. No longer are we just looking at Naruto and Obito in a blank void. Instead, we have some rather impressively illustrated settings.

Originally, I loved the idea that Kakashi was living to see the future through the eye of his lost friend. It was something I found particularly touching at the end of that Kakashi Gaiden Arc. It sort of has less meaning now that we see what became of Obito in the end.

The Bad


What can I say about this week's chapter that hasn't been a repeat of the previous few? I saw this issue almost have three endings. None of which would happen.

At first, I thought we were going to get a rather unsatisfying Secret Invasion ending. For those not into the comic scene, I'll give you the Cliff Notes version. The Skrulls invaded Earth disguised as many of the heroes, there was a huge cross over event, Wolverine was split-second away from killing the Skrull Queen, but Norman Osborn got a lucky shot in at the last second. This somehow earns him the adoration of the populace, and he ends up commander of SHIELD. Yeah, it didn't make much sense then either.

I bring it up, because I thought Sasuke was going to be Osborn in this analogy. Naruto and the alliance put in most of the work, and Sasuke rushes in the claim the glory. Though, we all know now that didn't happen. The second ending I thought would be Kakashi finishes him. I was pretty satisfied with a conclusion such as that, but even he's stopped by Minato. The third ending, Minato stops Kakashi so he can be the one to take responsibility to kill Obito.

The third would have been the most shocking one, but none were allowed to pass. I also don't see a SHONEN JUMP series allow a killing of an enemy that is defenseless on the ground. There's no victory in that.

Verdict 2/5

Congratulations, NARUTO readership. You waited three years for an ending to this rather epic world war, and this is the ending you get. It's maddening how a single chapter is given so many chances to conclude, and it doesn't accept a single one of them. It almost seems to exist just to further pound in the comparisons of Naruto to Obito.

True, Madara is still a wild card, but what will become of him now that Obito no longer has the power of the Ten-Tails? I have some theories, but I'd like to avoid too much speculation in a review.

NARUTO is on break next week, so that will mean no review for the site.

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About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt /

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I like this chapter, even though wanted Sasuke to cut Tobi's head off. That was the second time, I ever rooted for Sasuke :)

Anyway, I really do hope someone come up with the idea of seal Tobi or rip his rinnegan out, since Madara clearly going to use him and get back the Tails Beast. (hope I wrong)

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If Sasuke were to kill Obito I think I would have forgiven him for all the whiny his character has been since the time skip.

In fact, I would forgive any character that killed Obito. This conclusion is really annoying.

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You had to remind me of Secret Invasion didn't you? God I spent 5 years bitching to Marvel to undo The Wasp's shock value laden Baysplosion death only for them to do it but not before killing off another Marvel character that I didn't want them too. I wonder why I even give that company the time of day anymore.

Anyway sorry to get off topic but what can I say but the same "This kind of bull is why I gave up any hope for Naruto in the first place" speech for the ten-billionth time?

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