kishimoto you bastard

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Fairy Tail use it more and is more popular with the trope now, that all I saying. I never said One Piece abandoned it (that what One Piece is about), also if One Piece did abandoned it then you be in the wrong since you stop watching it at 120 and have no idea what is going on (you are just assuming they still use it).

And I was kidding because I go after the 40 instead of the billions and trillions

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It's actually very cliche to use your love of friends or family to push through obstacles in anime. However it's the extent that Fairy Tail does it that makes it ridiculous. One Piece has it, Bleach has it, Toriko has it, DBZ has it, Naruto has it a LOT as of late and even Yuyu Hakusho had a touch of it. It's just Fairy Tail dwarfs the lot of them in its usage of Friendship power even Naruto. One Piece is not so bad in the grand scheme of Shounen. The Strawhats use their friendship as motivation quite often but rarely have I seen it used as an on the spot power up. The only instance somewhat like that, that I recall is Luffy seeing Ussop and his crew finished with their objectives and battles and ready to leave cheering him from the ship and he knew all he had to do was beat Lucci and they would have won, so in a last ditch effort he pummeled the hell out of Lucci and collapsed afterwards. Rarely do I see such instances in One Piece honestly.
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