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This issue certainly left me with regrets.
This issue certainly left me with regrets.

The Shinobi Alliance combines to rip away the power that Obito Uchiha has stolen to put forth his plot, but Naruto first wants to shatter the mask Obito still hides behind.

The Good

Enjoy this while you can.
Enjoy this while you can.

The first two-thirds of this chapter of NARUTO is just filled with frantic action and really great art. It builds and builds up unto the point where everyone, except a select few, joins in to tear away the power Obito needs. This is the sort of tension that gets the blood racing, and I was wondering for a second if Gaarawould inadvertently regain the power of Shukaku.

Unfortunately, these thrills aren't allowed to culminate into anything by the end.

The Bad

Naruto wants you...to not look forward to the next chapter
Naruto wants you...to not look forward to the next chapter

Much like those old 80's movies, it's as if those plucky heroes in a tug-o-war let go of the rope in unison to cause those rival bullies to fall on their back sides. Thus inspiring chuckles and guffaws. Unfortunately, in this metaphor it's the reader that was fooled.

This war arc has lasted two real-time years for readers and looking to reach a third by the time it's all said and done. Obito is the man who betrayed the Leaf Village and murdered Naruto's parents. How is this looking to end? With Naruto trying to redeem Obito from himself. To make him see the errors of his ways.

This undermines not just what should be an exciting victory in the face of overwhelming power, but makes the villain appear to have no true conviction to his actions. He's still hiding behind a mask and deep down he really wanted someone to stop him.

Verdict 2/5

All the excitement and tension will leave you scratching your head as to the direction this will be heading in the future. What makes this all worse is that this isn't looking to be the closing of this idea of redemption. The way the chapter leaves off pretty much guaranties that the following week's issue will be less epic conclusion and more hugging it out.

For the first time in a long time. I'm not looking forward to the next chapter. Who knows, maybe Kishimoto will surprise me.

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Nope, I don't like it. Obito was ready to destroy the world. It's way past time for "regrets".

Kishimoto has proven himself to be a weak writer to me.

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Tobi, you kill probably a million people for your dumb moon plan. It is to late to "regret". It funny, that the new Pokemon game did this way better

Please Madara, take over

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Kishimoto's not trying to redeem Obito, he's trying to show how giving up on everything can f*ck up even the greatest person.

But I agree, this comes way too late.

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Hmm doesn't everyone always deserve a chance at redemption even Hitler or Stalin? I think that is common Japanese viewpoint...one I happen not to agree with but not sure in a review should take off for it.

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