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Konoha Eleven, Gattai!
Konoha Eleven, Gattai!

Obito stands alone as he seeks to destroy the world, but Naruto is supported by his friends as he's out to defend it. It's a clash of unity versus isolation.

The Good

Did they hit him, or did Obito fart?
Did they hit him, or did Obito fart?

I've read a lot of criticism that Kishimoto's world ending threat came across as a rip-off of the Human Instrumentality Project from EVANGELION. That seemed like a pretty fair negative comparison. This week's edition of NARUTO brings back memories of later episodes of GURREN LAGANN, but in a good way. It's a fact that creators often inspire other creators. I can't speak to the intentions of such a comparison, but the spectacle of Naruto and his friends fusing into one giant attack is well worth it. I'd recommend playing "Sorairo Days" as you read this chapter.

I sometimes wonder if Kishimoto is conscious of how events he draws will appear when animated. Does it influence him in any way? I can't help the feeling that this was at least an influencing factor of this chapter. It has an almost cinematic influence. This is all going to make for an amazing episode to watch when this all gets animated.

The Bad

Maybe you should have thought about this earlier.
Maybe you should have thought about this earlier.

"If I had just made a different choice." That's probably what goes through the head of most people as they are failing at their life goals. Kishimoto has made it a tradition to have his villains become suddenly introspective moments before their defeat. That's occasionally fine, but I think he's started to abuse that theme.

He wants to show a character that kills and betrays, but then drops a sob story from the past at the eleventh hour to get us to sympathize for the baddy. When it comes to Obito, I have none. This is the killer of Naruto's parents. He's betrayed everyone who ever cared about him. All because of the death of one person, and she chose to die to protect others. He's only begun to regret things after he's started to fail.

Verdict 4/5

This was a great chapter with some amazing art but with a few dark spots around the edges in its attempt to be introspective. It's also a bit disappointing that Sakura was left out of the big fusion. Once the euphoria of Obito's defeat started to wane, I suddenly remembered that this can't be the end of this arc. There is still the issue of Madara. I very much doubt that Obito's loss will mean Madara will just give up. Especially given how often he's talked about taking Obito over. Get comfortable, we still have a ways to go before this is all over.

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About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt / http://kristofferremmell.tumblr.com/

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So he left the cool female character out of the fusion.....I have to say I am not surprised...disappointed but not surprised.

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It annoys me that one ninja can be so powerful. Sure, seeing Madara beat up an entire army is kinda cool, but once I step back from that moment in just makes me think about how weak everyone else is. I prefer to have more balance in my shonen anime. It has taken so much to defeat Obito that I find it difficult to believe that he can even be defeated at this point.

Also, it's WAY to late to try and make readers sympathetic to Obito. He was going to destroy the world because of his girlfriend. I mean c'mon.

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....So, Tenten who I never saw Naruto interact with before, was able to be in the fox of friendship, while Sakura stay on the sidelines. I guess she like seeing Naruto and Sasuke backs

It a good thing that Hashirama went in to good detail, how Madara was able to have Susano over Kurama :/

Love how we get a scenes of a more mature Obito, I hope in the next chapter Tobi realize he waste his life. Now he can finally move on to stage five of grief

Yeah, I will never use "Sorairo Days" for this, I probably use "Full On Friendship" from Billy and Mandy

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Really, Rock Lee using an advanced ninjutsu doesn't catch your attention but Tenten does?
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Yes, I find Tenten being in the fox more odd then Rock Lee using an advanced ninjutsu

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@Destinyheroknight: sakura is female so by the rules of japan and especially shonen anime she can't do anything cool. Japan has a loooong way to go in female rights unfortunately.

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It not stopping Tenten, Hinata and Ino from joining the fox of friendship, also she did something cool a few chapters ago.

Shonen are getting better with it, like they say "give it time"

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Here is hoping the pace of change increases. For a culture with female heroes that save themselves by becoming goddesses (sailor moon, madoka) they have odd vestiges of a man oriented mind set. I suppose their is a gender studies paper in there somewhere...

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Maybe Sakura was left because she's busy with Tsunade, summoning a giant healing slime and trying to keep everyone alive.

The others were doing nothing.

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