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Kishimoto has apparently been watching a lot of Sentai Warriors lately.
Kishimoto has apparently been watching a lot of Sentai Warriors lately.

As the Hokages seal the Ten-Tails in place, the Konoha 9 are left to finish off the beast, and Sasuke is also along for the ride.

The Good

Not the face. Ah, not there either!
Not the face. Ah, not there either!

Well, it was about bloody time that Sakura finally took the stage away from the guys. I've always enjoyed when she's stood up for herself, but what took so damn long for this change? She's had her moments in the post time-skip era, but just fell back into the scenery once one of the boys showed up. It's a shame, becasue she comes across as pretty awesome when you let her go wild.

The Bad

I'm glad someone mentions this.
I'm glad someone mentions this.

Since when did everyone and their ninja-hound want to become Hokage? Perhaps Naruto has just drowned out the chorus so long with his repeated declarations over the years. This does bring back a few thoughts on how the Hokage is selected. We're led to believe that the title is just passed on to the most admired or talented. However, history tells us something different. Remember back when Tsunade was selected. She was picked by the city council. Not that I'm claiming she wasn't qualified, but she was picked mainly on her heritage. -- Talk about a legacy government. -- Then we have Danzo, He manipulated the council for the title, but once again the 'people' had zero say in the matter. It's more bureaucracy than anything. This all just proves that Sasuke isn't even remotely qualified to even throw his hat into the ring.

Verdict 4/5

I'm trying to avoid getting ahead of myself in predicting where the series could be going post Ten-Tails. Since Sasuke's delusions of grandeur were hardly mentioned this week, it seems unfair to hold that against the chapter. Lets just say that it's still leaving a bad taste in my mouth and leave it there - for now. When I focus on Sakura, the chapter was a fun read. You can see that Kishimoto put a lot of loving detail in drawing one of our favorite pink-haired furies. She looks amazing throughout. These are moments worth seeing animated.

About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt

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I feel this chapter was meh

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Kishimoto has never been good with depicted a diversity of female personalities in my opinion. Sakura had one good moment with Granny Chiyo after the time skip then just became another hotheaded healer.

I really disliked the moment when Sakura felt the need to lie to Naruto about loving him in order to take Naruto's focus off of Sasuke. She could have just been honest with him about the situation (though doubtful it would work on Naruto).

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After giving some thought about Sakura's character, I recalled how in her past when she was friends with Ino and they had a flower arranging assignment, Ino classified Sakura as a bud, a late bloomer. Thinking of that, I found Sakura's actions even after the timeskip to make enough sense, at least for me. Is it not ideal for Sakura to not be at the level as her teammates? No. But I honestly find that to be the whole point. The part about her I think bloomed so late compared to her teammates, Naruto and Sasuke was her conviction. It was one thing to fight an Akatsuki member like Sasori, but when it came to facing Orochimaru and then facing Sasuke in their mission with Sai and Yamato, Naruto had a stronger conviction. It was even proven afterward when Naruto was training in nature control right after.

Between how Naruto wound up applying whatever training he had after each passing arc (sage mode at Mount Myoboku, nature control, mastering the nine-tails chakra) and how Naruto soon became decisive enough with what to do (saving the Hidden Leaf village, finding and practicing the way to peace, being the shinobi alliance's trump card, deciding what to do with Sasuke after he became a criminal), Sakura wanted to fight alongside with him with that same decisiveness. But she struggled to and it even frustrated her. She also had wound being in situations where as determined as she thought she was, the task wound up being bigger than she could chew, such as how she felt too torn to commit to killing Sasuke, or how she was unprepared for what Pain was capable of (and let's be frank, almost no one else was, not even Kakashi).

But this chapter was the time she could prove once and for all that she could fight the same level as with Naruto. She even though so in chapter 573.

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really liked that chapter, Its about time Sakura stepped up and showed her power.

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Bout time Sakura does something, she's been useless since the Sasori fight.

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