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Naruto&squot;s thinking, "Wow, what&squot;s happened was so amazing. I hope no one missed that."
Naruto's thinking, "Wow, what's happened was so amazing. I hope no one missed that."

The Shinobi Alliance are back on the ropes, and the Ten Tails has started to go into a rampage.

The Good

Awesome page, but I think "Exclamation!!" would have been more accurate.
Awesome page, but I think "Exclamation!!" would have been more accurate.

One of the first things that I'm enjoying about this chapter is having the flashback behind us. We're back into the meat of this entire Shinobi World War Arc. However, much of what has happened is missing. From a visual standpoint, this had a lot of amazing looking scenes. Story wise, I'm confused. Was this really the outcome of Shikaku's final master plan? Naruto shields everyone while he still does all the fighting?

At least we're moving forward once more. That should be appreciated.

The Bad

I think I preferred "Believe It!" over this valley girl talk.
I think I preferred "Believe It!" over this valley girl talk.

If there was anything that irritated me about the flashback arc of the previous weeks. It was the feeling that we've been missing something going on in the war. Those fears were realized as I began reading this chapter. Last we left, Naruto had super boosted the entire alliance, Rock Lee kicked Madara in half, and Naruto was face to face with Obito. Suddenly, we return to find the tide has taken a completely different turn, but no idea what led up to this. It's the equivalent of missing an important episode of a show, coming back, and left wondering what you missed. The only difference is that there was no episode. Just a gigantic hole in the plot.

I've normally avoided getting into critiquing the translation work as I've reviewed NARUTO since using my official WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP subscription. It's predominantly solid, but things just got silly this week. I've already noticed the translator is using literal terns such as "Konohagakure" for the Leaf Village, then this person uses "Master" in place of "Sensei". While those are minor issues, what I couldn't get over was this line Naruto uses saying "I totally super-hate that about you!". I don't doubt that was the literal translation of what he said, but better judgement should have won out that Naruto shouldn't talk like a 90's valley girl. Add "quibbling" to the list, and none of this sounds like words Naruto would ever use.

Verdict 3/4

Great visuals this week, but I'm getting annoyed with the slow pace of the war. Lets see some action. The entire turn in the tide of the war comes across as artificial. It feels that things have only gotten worse becasue the plot required it, and Kishimoto needed to give theHokages something to do when they show up. That or he wanted a cliffhanger for Golden Week.

Honestly, how many times do we need to listen to Naruto and Obito go back and forth with their debate over the value of friendship? It was perfectly acceptable the first time, but all they're doing is going in circles. I was so happy that Kakashi sucked Obito away with him. Maybe we'll finally learn why Kakashi had to kill Rin.

Hate to break this to you all, but there wont be any ONE PIECE, NARUTO, or BLEACH reviews next week due to the Golden Week break.

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This war has to end....now.

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It seem like they talking about the same thing. Make me wish for another flashback

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Naruto's friendship talk got old BEFORE the time jump and even more tired AFTER. Now the reader STILL has to deal with the same talk.

Naruto talks real big for someone who has the backing of a powerful fox spirit that can overwhelm any opponent.

I agree with the translation issue too. Naruto hasn't talked like that before.

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