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The rivalry between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju is born, then leads to an unreasonable demand to bring about peace.

The Good

Madara is not in a position to call anyone juvenile.
Madara is not in a position to call anyone juvenile.

If I could pay this chapter any compliment. It fairly well embodies the futility of extended wars with no goals. If you don't know what you're fighting for, how do you know if you have won or lost? How do we know when this arc will end when we don't see a point?

The Bad

I've been saying this since this flashback started.
I've been saying this since this flashback started.

You remember back when I was questioning the point of showing a rational side of Madara Uchiha? Well, we sure got the answer to that question in a semi-timely manner -- given the one week break. And that answer was... absolutely none. All the drama of friendship and trust led to nothing. Madara goes from a reasonable youth to an irrational emo-case in the span of a page. The dramatic action scene is cut short for a sudden time skip that erases any sense of a character arc.

The only thing this flashback seems to be teaching us is that Hashirama gave Madara every opportunity to save both face and his clan. Yet he slapped every chance away. The Senju were winning this war, but he still tried reaching out. Madara's lack of trust to Hashirama's motives is utterly unjustified. We are then left with a childish demand that we all know wont happen.

Verdict 1/5

If Kishimoto's goal with this flashback arc was intending to make me annoyed with the concept of the Uchiha Clan. He's doing a magnificent job in that aspect. Why is he spending so much time on this? He's extending plot that leads to nothing, and skims over the parts that could actually be interesting. Still with no idea when this madness will end. NARUTO used to have a far better pace than this.

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You have to remember, when a Uchiha eyes come in they become irrational

This flashback show me that itachi was right in killing off his family

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What is the point of seeing them fight when there kids? The flashback of their huge fight was cool because we got to see sage mode, giant buddha's, kyubi's cloaked in susano's ect. But this is just pointless and boring imo.

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I think Kishimoto needs a vacation from this for a while to rethink the story pacing.

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I don't mind the flashback, as a matter of fact I like seeing how Madara and Harashima met, what I do mind is it being in the middle of an arc that's already been dragged out too long.

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