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Naruto part one Reviewed by secretzfan on Feb. 3, 2013. secretzfan has written 14 reviews. His/her last review was for Soul Eater. 11 out of 20 users recommend his reviews.

So with Naruto on Toonami looks like I must review it so here goes nothing

First Impressions

I was a little kid who liked the concept of a more mondern ninja who didn't look like this

Later Impressions (Now much older)

Naruto (Duh)

A young annoying kid who wears a orange jumpsut who goes around yelling "Believe it!" all over the place like a idiot and yet is.. a fun character overall.

I mean seriously the first part of Naruto I really like his determination to become the next hokage. He is really a inspiration to many kids around the globe. 8/10

Sasuke Uchiha

Oh shit! qho is this?? He was was originally introduced as a protagonist but later became an antagonist. This bad ass emo character who makes the story much more intriguing. He is filled with a large mystery of his dark past with his older brother Itachi and that what you gotta love about hm. He is just awesome. His techniques are cool and his agility is suberb


He is also a prick with a superiority complex in which he thinks he is better than others. That is until he sees Naruto get so much stronger and begins to obsess over, basically whining like a bitch and then tries to get stronger,and so turns over to the dark side 8.5/10

Sakura Haruno

The most talented healing bitch in the world who starts of by whining over Sasuke who in urns because of his superiority thinks of her as a little bitch toy who he can mess with lol

But seriously most of the good in Sakura comes in part 2 of the series, but however there is one memorable scene when she cuts off all her hair as a sign of her overall strength and determination 7/10

Kakashi Hatake

The true coolest character in the whole damn series of part one. He is the character that can show most of the other characters up because he A. Has a sharaingan B. Is a Jonien C. Can copy people and D. Has a... Oh that is in part two.. Wonder why he never used it in part one. If I put Kakashi and Sasuke ina ring abnd had them fight Kakkashi comes out on top

It is too bad he gets killed a dozen times before coming back and then gets captured and needs to be saved by a buch of kiddy ninja. Overall he gets a 9/10

Final Thoughts

Overall it is a okay series for me now and a great kid show for me then. It is a true inspiration for us all. SAdly I do not think it was a good show for adult swim to grab, but at least it is uncut now so that is aplus sorta.....

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