Shock and Awe: Naruto is Popular!

Topic started by gia on April 27, 2009. Last post by YotaruVegeta 5 years, 11 months ago.
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He's so popular!
He's so popular!
I know this is big news to you guys, but Naruto might just be the biggest brand in the North American otakuverse. MIGHT! I'm not positive. Yes, I'm totally being sarcastic. Okay, I'm done. Wait,, okay, done.

But snark aside, Naruto is doing impressively well even up against other mainstream titles on sites like Hulu and Joost. ICv2 reports that Naruto is the 20th most popular show on Hulu, which also airs such huge hits as Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, The Daily Show, House, Bones-- you know, all those shows that your parents have actually heard of. Or at least don't respond to with “is that another one of those annie-mays?”

And then there's Joost, which is a bit smaller since it wasn't, y'know, built by a bunch of TV studios-- but on this smaller site, Naruto Shippuden is #1, and Naruto not-Shippuden is #2. Not bad, eh?

ICv2's report doesn't offer up information on how many people are tuning into the Naruto episodes, but there are some stats on overall Internet video viewers: about 146 million viewers in the US watched 12.7 billion videos in November of 2008. Yeah, that's in a month. That's pretty amazing, even if approximately 9 billion of those were videos of adorable kittens doing cute and/or silly things. (That's my estimate, anyway.)

If you're one of the online Naruto watchers, where do you tune in? Crunchyroll? Hulu? Joost? VIZ's Elsewhere (tsk!)?
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My God... there's already over 100 episodes of Shippuden?.... it seemed like just yesterday that they were on episode 12 or something...
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I used to watch on toonami jetstream, but now it's hulu for me.
Post by Desisashi (1,801 posts) See mini bio Level 8
of course hes frickin naruto
Post by lanaswift (636 posts) See mini bio Level 4
I am astonished by this news. I had never heard of Naruto before.

...Syke. (Psych? Sike? However the hell you spell it.)
Post by Devilly (5,329 posts) See mini bio Level 11
I used to watch it on Veoh but now i download my own fan-subs ever since they kept deleting all the English subbed episodes.
Post by Agent_Lost (1,124 posts) See mini bio Level 10
I burnout on the Naruto a long time ago
Post by Sonata (36,368 posts) See mini bio Level 20
I was never really a super huge fan of Naruto, but I watch him from time to time.
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It deserves to be #1. I love Shippuden- skipped right over watching the first series and got all the way to ep 90 of Shippuden. Since it's more "mature" it feels much more like my style. 
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