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Naruto #608 - Kakashi's Decision

The final showdown between these two is here.
The final showdown between these two is here.

In a Nutshell

The battle between people with eyes and people with beasts continues.

High Points

  • Obito delivers a tiger knee that would make Sagat proud.
  • Shuriken madness.

Low Points

  • The pages get so cluttered with ink that it's hard to tell what's happening.
  • Yet another pep talk delivered.

Rants and Raves

This was a pretty kick ass chapter. I love it when ninjas fight with weapons and seeing Obito get nasty with shurikens reminded me of all the awesome battles Sasuke has been in where he uses them in clever ways. Kakashi did some pretty nice jutsu and moves as well like his dog wall summon (official name) as well as escaping from Obito's alternate dimension thingy (official name).

The only negatives I had are yet another pep talk and the fact that this battle and Madara's wood dragon really push the limits of what pure black and white can display without looking like a mess of ink.


B+. The battle in this chapter was pretty awesome. It would have been an A if not for yet another frackin' power of friendship monologue from Naruto.

William Taylor hopes everyone checks out the next "My Eyes Are Bleeding" article, which will be focused on one of the most beloved and hated Naruto episodes of all time.

Post by Jinbeifan1 (4,118 posts) See mini bio Level 14

kakashi got his ass kicked! now im only reading to see if their will be anything like sauske dieing or one of those supposed-to-be-important characters

Post by Lurkero (431 posts) See mini bio Level 7

Ninjas fighting with weapons in Naruto? That seems awkwardly rare, but I guess when you have so much magic you really don't need weapons.

Post by redbird3rdboywonder (186 posts) See mini bio Level 8

This chapter was BORING and Obito's whole reasoning for this is IDIOTIC. I mean come on you're doing this because the girl you love but who didn't love you back died, yet you could've brought her back at any time now via Edo tensei. That's just weak seriously Kishi, it seems like Orochimaru is the only true villian in the series

Post by Toxin45 (337 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@redbird3rdboywonder: look how old Obito is what good will bringing her back will do he wants to "revive" her thorugh the dream world and we still have Madara Uchiha and the coming of the Ten-tails

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@redbird3rdboywonder: Besides I seen a lot of anime villains doing this for love and remember that Neon Geninsis anti-villain? Yeah Obito is his counterpart.

Post by redbird3rdboywonder (186 posts) See mini bio Level 8

@Toxin45: He's mad over her death when he has had two different ways to bring her back via Edo tensei or the 7th path of Pein. I mean I'm pretty sure those other villains who did it for love, couldn't bring their lost loved one back on a whim like Obito can. I mean not even Madara is the big bad we thought he'd be, no instead he's doing this all for the name of "peace." I mean can't Kishimoto just give us a villain who's evil just for the sake of being evil? It's one of the reasons i've been so disappointed in the series ever since the beginning of this war, is because Kishi has had great oppritunities for a better story annd yet he's failed at it

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@redbird3rdboywonder: Naruto only fights evil counterparts of himself, first it was Gaara, who is Naruto if he had let his hate consume him, then he fought Pain, wich was meant to be "the chosen one" and was just like Naruto if he had given up on himself. Now he's fighting Madara, the evilest ninja ever and the man behind the whole moon eye plan (wich is like the direct opposite to Naruto's destiny of bringing true peace to the world). Obito is like Bane in the last Batman movie, we all thought he was the main villain (as we did with Orochimaru) but he turned out to be just a henchman for the main bad guy.

The only left is Sasuke, wich is his direct opposite in every possible way, a ninja that just wants to destroy Konoha (Naruto's dream is still to become Hokage and protect the village) and has no plan to bring peace to the world or anything.

I love Naruto's bad guys.

(english is not my first language, hope it's at least understandable)

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@redbird3rdboywonder: Orochimaru just wanted to see his parents reincarnated as he is wen collecting jutsu

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@tximinoman: Well Obito is his strongest parallel he was like the uchiha version of Naruto until he got crushed by a boulder and seeing Rin get murder by Kakashi seeing his friends kill each other and has become a more anti-villain version of Naruto.He also an evil counterpart to Kakashi ironically given their history together, similar trickster traits, and sharingan abilities.

Post by tximinoman (61 posts) See mini bio Level 6

@Toxin45: Yes, but It's like Orochimaru, I don't think Naruto will be the one fighting him, so in the end he's more of a sub-boss than a final stage boss, and the "naruto like" thing doesn't matter (although as you pointed out it's there)

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I disagree with you about Obito using the edo tensei to bring back Rin, cause he didn't know about the move before Kabuto show him and also he at a point of no return.

The thing that bug me about Obito is a bad guy now, is that his heroic sacrifice mean nothing now. It take way the impact of his death and replace it with a spoil brat who can't move on from his childhood crush's death. The reason I don't like this is because Obito isn't doing this for the world, he doing it for himself because one bad thing happen to him. (Yes, it was just one bad thing). Since his Sharingan only awaken in his last mission, meaning that he didn't have any problems before hand. Also he live in the Leaf Village, the best village to live in the ninja world. This just show how Obito is a spoil brat, instead of a fallen hero who believes he doing the right thing

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@Destinyheroknight: He dosen't blame kakashi for rin's death also Kakashi was the one who killed Rin apparently.Plus he doesn't care about the event that Rin died anymore.

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I never say he was blaming Kakashi. He doesn't care about the event, but he still doing it for Rin. He isn't doing it for a greater good, he just doing it for himself.

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