Who did Kabuto summon to blackmail Madara?

Topic started by Newdeath on Aug. 17, 2011. Last post by sickVisionz 1 year, 11 months ago.
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I think the Pains clean there weapons, after the fight

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@Destinyheroknight: that feels like reaching there. Anyhow I probably will never accept any science explanation from naruto
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Ah I see.
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@cfatalis said:
@Destinyheroknight: where is Jiraiya then? surely you can get his DNA? considering he died in the hand of the pains
I guess Kabuto can't swim 
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I guess Kabuto can't swim

Or he don't want to get wet LOL!

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Orochi attempted to get the 4th Hokage, by 3rd Hokage stopped him.
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@MisterShin: That was the original explanation, but it was either proven wrong (or retconned, depending on your opinion of Kishi's writing) 403 chapters later. 
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I'm going to take a guess that Madara's current body isn't his original, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan body, and that Kabuto now has it.

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That really makes no sense. Obito wasn't even thought of when Madara was alive, since it was over 80 years ago when Madara Uchiha fought the first Hokage, but, here's the thing, Tobi is someone that Madara knows, maybe the original Zetsu, or maybe another piece of himself, maybe he split himself into two, kinda like how Minato split the nine-tails in two, dying with one piece as Naruto lives with the other, except only just a fifth of his own chakra, seeing as how Tobi mentions that the Rinnegan where originally his, and the fact that Tobi knows so much about Madara unlike anyone else, I believe it was Madara, that was in the coffin, and Tobi was afraid that Madara was to find out that he didn't get to bring himself back to life through the one that could possess the Rinnegan.

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OBITO MUAHAHAHAH lock this thread :3

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Kabuto didn't summon Obito. He summoned the real Madara, revealing that the dude in the mask wasn't actually Madara despite what he'd been saying all this time.

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