What did you like and what did piss you off

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The titel says it. What did you like, what didn't you like, what did you love and what not.  
-The War- even if it's basicly 2 guys vs 5 countries i still love it 
-Overally- i overaly liked the series not much to explain 
-Characters- The character development, and the huge number of differen characters  
Didn't like 
-Tragic past- Too many characters had a targic emo past 
-Tailed beasts- I did like them but i think they would have been better if they sticked to normal animals 
-Akatsuki- i just love them 
-Itachi- just an awsomen character 
-Some elements- All that politics system, war peace, and learning the history of every village and that stuff 

-Edo Tensei- I did like the idea of it, and it was pretty awsomen at first, but after and that free will and breaking free it kinda became nonsense, it would have been nice if it did happen to one character, but guys like Sasori to just die because of speaking to them? It would have just been much better if Kabuto had full control over them and actually turned them into "Mindless Slaugther Machines" as he saied instead them talking about they'r fellings, telling they'r enemys to stop them and telling them how to defeat them. 
Special moment i liked: 
- Sasoris's death  
-Kisames's death  
-Itachi's death  
-The retune of the seven swordsman of the mist 
-Konan deflects from akatsuki  
(Didn't like that the characters died, just liked the way they died, especial Kisame)
Special moments i didn't like:  
-Samehada betraying Kisame 
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I like the first part

I don't like the second part

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@Fehafare: Please in the future attempt to not use curse words in the title, this is against Forum Policy.

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Yes, i agree that the first par is better than 2, i red part 1 in a day, while part 2 i read for a week or so, it's not that i don't like the second part but it's not so gripping like the first was.
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